10 Ways to Make Money As a Student

10 ways to make money as a student

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Being short on change is unavoidable as a student. Government loans barely cover accommodation, let alone food and going out, and most parents don’t have enough money to spend on their children’s education. Fortunately, the Internet has made it easier to make money in your spare time, without having to go through the lengthy process of finding a job. These range from selling old things to appearing on TV. Read on to find out 10 of the best ways to make money as a student!

1. Surveys

Filling out online surveys may be tedious, but it can often be rewarding. Surveys are a great way of earning a few pounds whenever you have a spare moment. There are plenty of websites that give you points for completing surveys, and you can exchange these for vouchers or cash. I personally like Inbox Pounds and Swagbucks. Admittedly, doing lots of surveys is time-consuming and repetitive, so both websites offer other ways of earning money, for example playing games, searching the web, and watching videos.

2. Trading

Trading requires a lot of patience and determination, but you can earn hundreds if you keep at it – just like my friend. It’s also much quicker than things like doing surveys and writing articles. However, trading can be risky, so don’t invest any money into it that you can’t afford to lose. Check out Plus500 or eToro.

3. Blogging

Fancy being the next Victoria Magrath or Anna Gardner? Why not set up your own blog? (I’m sure that if you’re reading my post, you probably have a blog already!) You can write about pretty much anything, not just fashion and make-up, and make a bit of cash too. If you have a reasonable number of readers, you can sign up to Google AdSense, which pays you when people click on the ads on your blog. Occasionally, you might be offered a sponsored post, but these are rare and sometimes only available to the owners of self-hosted blogs. Hannah Gale and Amy have written handy guides on how to make money as a blogger.

4. Freelancing

If you’re already a blogger, you must have some writing skills. So why not put these skills into use and write articles for clients on websites such as Freelancer and Upwork? It’s great practice for anyone wanting to go into journalism or full-time blogging. As a freelancer, you pretty much have the freedom to change whatever you want – within reason, of course! When you’ve got enough articles under your belt, you can pitch ideas to magazines and newspapers (I’m not quite at that stage yet, although I do have a few ideas).

5. Be an extra

If you appear in the background of a TV show or film, you can earn around £80-100, which is roughly the same as what you would get if you did a day’s work in a shop or restaurant. While there is a lot of waiting around involved in being an extra, you don’t need any acting experience. Try casting agencies such as Be On Screen and Universal Extras, which has been set up specifically for students.

6. Sell things online

Got a load of clothes, books and DVDs you no longer want? It’s worth selling them on eBay or Amazon. An alternative is Depop, which is a useful app for selling old clothes, and it doesn’t take long to sign up to.

7. Become a tutor

By the time you reach university level you must be knowledgeable in at least a few subjects, so it might be a good idea to teach one – or two – to younger students. Some tutors are paid around £10 an hour, although this varies depending on experience. Sign up to Keystone Tutors or Bright Young Things to get started.

8. Take part in psychology experiments

This may seem scary at first, but it’s actually quite enjoyable. Many university psychology departments need students to take part in experiments. These typically involve completing surveys and doing other tasks, and they last from 15 minutes to 2 hours. At my university, you get paid £6 per hour to do experiments, and you can do a few each week.

9. Become a brand ambassador

Companies such as Innocent Smoothies, Spotify and Smirnoff give students the opportunity to enhance their CV and earn an extra income by promoting their products. It’s the perfect job for anyone who is really sociable and good at networking. You also need to be passionate about the brand you are working for Brand ambassadors tend to go on to work in PR, events or marketing.

10. Listening to music

Believe it or not, you can actually earn money by listening to music! I recently signed up to SlicethePie, which is a brilliant website for discovering new songs. SlicethePie has also recently introduced a fashion section. You get paid to review these songs and items of clothing, although it is only a few pennies per review, so don’t expect to get rich quickly. You are able to receive a payment once you reach £10.

My referral code is U1B454E1.

Do you make money in your spare time? Do you use any of the methods I have mentioned?

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  1. Never heard of the music site but that's definitely something I need to sign up to!!

    Parie x

  2. Some brilliant ideas here, I had no ideas about the surveys but that's so cool!


  3. I've heard something about Surveys and I tried it but it didn't help me much. But thank you for sharing these tips. 🙂

  4. These are some great ideas! I never heard about the music site! I have done the surveys before and been a brand ambassador.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I'm currently a working student. Sometimes though, long-term money-making opportunities better pay off. Plus, it earns you some work experience even before you graduate! I'm a huge fan of taking paid internships, freelance jobs, volunteer work, and part-time jobs. They build your portfolio and earn you a few bucks.

  6. These are all great ways tonearn money thanks for sharing!

  7. I don't actually know anyone who has ever made any money from those survey sites haha, so it is great to finally discover somebody who has! I have taken on some tutoring this term to raise some extra funds and it's so handy! Thanks for sharing your advice!


  8. Great post, as a student myself any tips on making money are always hugely appreciated, thanks for sharing xx

  9. Good tips, I work 25 hours a week to support my travelling and uni but wouldn't mind earning a little more easily, great tips! xx


  10. Love the ideas, this i may have to try a few!!

  11. This post is so so good! I'm saving this and am going to do some of these things soon! Thanks for all the tips!


  12. Chloe says: Reply

    This is really interesting! I hadn't heard of eToro before I graduated, I'm having a play around with it now though! Definitely found it super helpful selling old clothes during my uni years though, it meant I could justify all the new clothes!

  13. Oh wow these are some good tips! I never really thought and looked into doing half of these! I'm definitely saving this post! Great job💞💞💞

  14. These are definitely some good ways to earn as a student! I do freelancing on the side to pay my bills in school. It has helped me a great deal so far, but it definitely requires hard work. Hard to juggle at first, but it's something I am proud to have done.

  15. I am also earning from online surveys now. Just make it sure to join the legit one. I agree with your tips on how to earn extra.

  16. This is so so helpful! Its all the little things that add up when you're a student and these are such good ideas! xo

  17. I was a tutor while at university and I made some really good money! I also loved it so much!

  18. I needed this post so badly while I was at uni. All I seemed to do was spend spend spend at uni and never top up my resources. Hello MASSIVE student loan to pay off now! These are such good tips even for now for making some extra pocket money – might have to try a few out. Jess xx

  19. Yeah it's a great way to discover new music!

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  21. Yeah, they don't work for everyone 🙂

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