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  • Gousto Review

    Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a fab weekend! I went to the #BWBLaunch yesterday and it was so much fun! I met some brill bloggers, including Jessica and Kimberley, and went for yummy pizza at Pizza Express afterwards (of course I had to get some garlic dough balls too!). * A few weeks ago I […]

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  • My Role Models


    Hey guys!  Hope you all had a great week and have a fun-filled weekend ahead of you! I’m going to the BWB Launch tomorrow and I can’t wait – it’s been a while since my last blogging event! I recently published an article over on Huffington Post about my favourite role models, and I thought I’d share […]

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  • Tune Tuesday: 90s Playlist

    Hey guys! After writing up The 90s Tag last week, I got inspired to do a playlist with all my fave songs from the 90s. You’ve probably heard of most of these (since they were always played at school discos and are sometimes still played in clubs – Popworld anyone?) but there are a few that you […]

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  • It Ends With Us Book Review

    It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover Pages: 373 (including Author’s Note) Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK * SOMETIMES THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU IS THE ONE WHO HURTS YOU THE MOST Lily hasn’t always had it easy, but that’s never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. She’s come a long way […]

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  • The 90s Tag


    Hey guys! Hope you’re all enjoying the weather! It’s been SO warm recently and it seems like it’ll get even warmer this weekend! Bring on the beach trips, BBQs, Pimms and ice cream! Today I’ll be posting another tag. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – oh no, not another tag, Serena! But trust me, […]

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  • Tune Tuesday: April Playlist


    Hey guys! This month’s playlist is a bit of a short one. I’ve gone for mostly new releases, with a couple of old songs thrown in. I’m really loving Ansel Elgort (even though he’s only released two songs *sobs*) and the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack at the moment. How incredible is Ariana Grande and […]