24 Questions I Have After The PLL Finale


Hey guys! 

Pretty Little Liars has officially been over for almost 3 weeks, but I’m still trying to process the ending. After 7 long seasons of secrets, lies and anonymous texts, the identity of AD has finally been revealed. While AD isn’t the person most of us were hoping for (I wanted it to be Wren, Ezra, Lucas, Jenna, Melissa or Paige), it does kind of make sense. I guess. Of course, Marlene King being Marlene King  means that there are so many things that just don’t add up or make any sense whatsoever. I’ve rounded up 24 things Marlene didn’t answer in the finale and listed them below:

1. Was Lucas working for AD? He was shown in a car with a comic book that inspired the ‘Endgame’, but was that just random or was he on the AD team?

2. Why was Sydney on the AD team? What did she have against the Liars? How did she even meet Alex?

3. When did Mona have time to move to France, open up a shop, build a dollhouse, and get a boyfriend? 

4. What happened to Mr D and Jason? I remember that there was something going on between Aria and Jason at the beginning of Season 7A, so that means he’s ok, but what about Kenneth?

5. Why did AD recruit Aria? It was Toby she wanted, but she seemed to have a soft spot for Aria too, and are we completely forgetting about Wren? Hmm…


6. How did AD get hold of the tape of Ali at the kissing rock? This made me think that AD was the person filming Ali, but I forgot that their identity was revealed back in Season 1 (it was Ian, BTW).

7. Was Paige ever on the A Team? She was bullied by Ali at school so it would be strange if she didn’t even consider joining the A Team…

8. How did Alex kill Wren? I’d rather not know, TBH.


9. How did the mums escape the basement? Did someone help them or did they figure it out themselves?

10. Was AD the reason Toby and Yvonne were in a car crash? Did she do something to the car?

11. Who killed Bethany? I think it was Mona – she thought it was Ali – and then Melissa buried her??

12. Why was Nicole in Ezra’s apartment that time? 


13. What even happened to Nicole in general? 

14. What did Maya know? Did she know who A was? Or did she know Ali was still alive?

15. So when Archer and Mary were trying to get money off Ali that was for AD, right? 


16. How did Sara know Cece? 

17. Did Cece and Alex have any help when building their lairs? And if so, who helped them? Archer and Wren?

18. What did Melissa whisper to her dad that time? 

19. Who attacked Ali in the haunted house? (This is in S3E13) Was it Lucas?


20. Where was Mike at the wedding? And Ezra’s brother Wes? I know Cody and Gregg are busy with other roles but still…

21. What happened to Mrs Grunwald? 

22. Oh, and Marco Furey? 

23. What was Tanner’s deal? 

24. What was Noel’s deal? 


So those are the main questions I have after watching the PLL finale. I’m currently rewatching Seasons 1 & 2, so I’m sure I’ll have loads more questions once I’ve reached the first A reveal!


Are there any questions you have after the PLL finale? Have you started another show or are you rewatching PLL? Let me know! 



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  1. I absolutely love this show! Obsessed doesn’t cover it and these are all great questions 🙊

    Samantha | https://believeinamiracle.co.uk

  2. I haven’t seen the end. I stopped at season 3 coz I got bored. But I still got to know who A was ahah loads of answered questions indeed xx corinne

  3. I loved PLL but I’m a bit shocked that she ended up being someone who basically wasn’t in it but these are some pretty good questions I’d like to know the answer to too!

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk / http://www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  4. Britt says: Reply

    I haven’t watched all the seasons, I stopped after awhile and then tuned back in to the last season hahaha – I agree that there are SOOOO many questions left unanswered! I was super disappointed!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

  5. Question number 3.
    ME TOO.
    I wish that hadn’t happened. I was perfectly happy with the ending until that point and the whole trying to recreate the barn thing. NO THANKS haha 🙈

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