A Book Haul

Recently I’ve had to go to some charity shops to get rid of old clothes and books I no longer want / need. Whilst doing so, I couldn’t resist buying a few books that are on my TBR list. I’m so glad I bought them as now I have no excuse not to read them! (Well, apart from my dissertation and other uni work, but sssh!)

1. Allegiant
I’ve actually just started this book! I wanted to read it before the film comes out in March (I think) so when I saw it in a charity shop for only £1.69, I knew I had to buy it!
2. The Ice Cream Girls
This sounds like an intriguing read. The title was actually the first thing that drew me to this book – I love ice cream!
3. A Little Something Different
Love the cover!
4. Wildthorn
I’ve wanted to read this book for so long!
5. Can You Keep a Secret?
I’ve only read the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella so it will be nice to read some of her other books.
Have you bought any new books recently? If so, which ones?

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  1. I hope that you like Allegiant. I had a hard time with it. : / I have heard really good things about A Little Something Different though!! 🙂 I am almost finished with The Help, and looking forward to starting The Selection next. I've heard really good things about the series! 🙂 Then I think I will try to read more of The Mortal Instruments series, and finish Hilary Duff's trilogy. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

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  2. Charity shops are great for picking up a good bargain. I've just bought some books on my kindle but for the life of me I can't remember their names. I don't get much time to read these days with baby, but I got them just incase. Happy reading

  3. I love Can you keep a secret, it was a fab read. I read a lot of self help books on my Kindle, currently reading Get Rich Bloggong.

  4. I love charity shops for their books! Our local sells 5 for £1. A bargain! Looks like some great reads here!

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