Blogosphere Valentines Tea Party

Hey guys!

Last weekend I attended my first blogging event of the year, the Blogosphere Valentines Tea Party. I actually hadn’t bought any tickets, because I have a habit of buying things last minute, but luckily I was able to grab one the day before.

So on the morning of the event, I met Nirvana and Alice at Pizza Express in Notting Hill and we had a quick lunch before heading over to the event, which was in Southwark. We actually had a bit of difficult finding the place – it was very well hidden – but we found it eventually.

The event itself took place in Tropical Library, in Lumiere London, which is such an instagrammable location! There was a mini bar as soon as you enter the room, and they were serving a rum cocktail (I had a tiny taste and it was waaay too strong so I didn’t get a glass of it). There were also some delicious cakes from Pearl and Groove (pic below). The rest of the room had some beauty stalls, with products from brands like Kat Von D and Glo & Ray, and some sofas to relax on. After grabbing a cupcake from the Book Your Lifestyle stall and getting a non-alcoholic drink, Nirvana, Tilly and I perused the stalls and mingled with the other bloggers. I’ve included a little bit about some of the brands below.


These were from a brand called Pearl & Groove, which is located in Portobello Road. I didn’t actually get to try them since I picked up a cupcake instead, but I’ll try to visit their store next time I’m in the Notting Hill area! All the cakes are gluten-free and made with ground almonds, which I think is pretty cool!


The Flash Pack were taking loads of pics during the afternoon and you could see what your face would look like on a cover of Blogosphere! How cool?!


Book Your Lifestyle is a spa company that has lots of salons dotted around the UK. You can find out more and maybe book a little treat on their website.



Samaya is a new natural skincare brand that is based on Ayurvedic principles. This basically refers to balance. As mentioned on their website“SAMAYA carefully curates the finest authentic elements of Ayurveda, marrying them with clinically proven active ingredients and anti-ageing compounds, to provide effective skincare through a relaxing, holistic experience.”


Can’t believe I’d never heard of Glo & Ray before the event! I love the look of their products!

Kat Von D recently partnered up with Too Faced (yet another brand I have yet to try) and this is one of the products in the range:

blogosphere-valentinesHow adorable is this?!

Here are some of the goodies I picked up in my goodie bag and while I was browsing the stalls:


I have to say, this is one of the best goodie bags I have ever received! Usually I find that they’re full of things I won’t use, but that definitely won’t be the case with this one! I’m so excited to try the Glo & Ray makeup and chocolate orange lip balm! I absolutely love Carex Love Hearts soap too!

I’m so glad I managed to get a last-minute ticket to the Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party because it was so much fun! I can’t wait till the next event!


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  1. Lauren Victoria says: Reply

    Wow looks like such a cool and fun event! I love how you got to see what your cover would look like on the magazine. I love the blogosphere magazine. Your goodie bag also looks amazing! I’m glad you had a lovely time xx

    Lauren |

  2. So cute! I’ve recently discovered the Blogosphere Magazine, so I’m a little jealous you went to their event! Looks amazing
    X Izzy

  3. Grazia says: Reply

    I can see that this event was great and you had fun! 😊

  4. This looks like you had a lot of fun, I really want to go to a blogger event soon !

  5. Looks like you had a great time. Great event and those cupcakes looks even sweeter 😜😋

  6. Ash says: Reply

    looks like a seriuosly fun event and you girls had lots of fun. i cant wait to start going to events like this!

  7. Claire says: Reply

    What a great event, love the freebies you received! X

  8. Terri says: Reply

    Loved a good blogger event! Looks like you had a fab time 🙂

    Terri x

  9. Kirsty says: Reply

    What a cool event! Hope they do more so we can come along too 😀 x


  10. looks like such a nice event with some lovely products and who doesn’t love a bit of carex soap

  11. Emma says: Reply

    I’ve really wanted to go to a Blogephere event but I live so far away!! 🙁 looked like you had a fab time!!! xox

  12. Gemma says: Reply

    What a great day! I’d love to go to a blogger event soon, but I don’t know many bloggers and I’d be too shy 🙈 Looks like you had a fab time, and you received some great products! X

  13. Sounda like you had a fab timw and what an amazing goody bag. I would love to attend a.bloggers event but too shy!
    Lola Mia //

  14. This sounds so fun! I bet it was amazing! I’m glad you had a good time, the treats look so good and now I want cupcakes haha. Your goodies look amazing!

    Jordanne ||

  15. Gracie says: Reply

    Wow this looks so fun! so jealous haha !!

    Sounds like you had really good day!!

  16. Patty says: Reply

    Such a fun event. Love the pictures!

    xo, Patty

  17. Oh wow! I love the idea of seeing what it would be like to be on the magazine! Looks like so much Fun!

    Georgie xo

  18. Kasie says: Reply

    Aw I really want to go to a blogosphere event they look really good! Definitely a must for me this year is to go on a blogger event. Looked like you had so much fun xx

  19. Sarah says: Reply

    That looked so fun, I’m jealous! X

  20. Berlin says: Reply

    Lucky you to really have that last minute ticket to the blogosphere. It is indeed inspiring and refreshing to attend blogging events and exchange stories and plesantries with co bloggers. And just love all those nice brands you’ve got to take home.

  21. Laura says: Reply

    This looks like such a lovely event! x

  22. Emma says: Reply

    Looks like great fun – I’d love to get myself to one of these events in the future!!
    Em x

  23. Nora says: Reply

    Looks like you had a blast there! Those cupcakes are the best part, yummy! I wish I could participate something like this one day. I’ve been blogging for 5+3 years (with two different blogs) but I’ve never been in one oops. 🙂

  24. congratulations on your valentine’s tea party! it’s good to spend special days like these with people who share the same passion! im really glad you had that last-minute ticket! i’d love to join such events!

  25. Omg seeing how you look like on a cover sounds so cool! I always hear of these events but they seem to be all in London or UK and I am in the US 😣. I loved how detailed your post was, made me feel like I was there!

    Nikki O

  26. Hi! I always think that joining a party with other bloggers will be awesome. I am a newbie in blogging industry. Someday, I hope I can collaborate with other bloggers in person too. I believe that doing so will raise more learning opportunities.

  27. I love attending events here in our city. Most of the bloggers here are my friends and attending events mean we will be seeing each other.

    Anyway, you looked like you had fun! I also love the contents of your goody bag!

  28. whoa! That was a lot of goodies! And it looks like the event is really awesome. So were you able to meet fellow bloggers? 🙂 We also do have the same event here in my country that’s called blogapalooza. It’s an annual event where bloggers meet different brands to have a sponsorship together or for bloggers to give our their contacts to brands. It’s actually a nice event.

    1. Serena says: Reply

      Yes I did meet some other bloggers 🙂 sounds like a good event!

  29. You’re right! You’ve got one of the best goodie bag! Haha! Seems like you have a ton of fun in the Blogosphere event. I’d love to attend Blogger events but me being an Introvert is not helping at all. 🙁

  30. Looks like you had a lovely time! I would love to go to an event one day. You’d look great on the front cover of blogosphere

    Tasha x

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