The Bodyguard Musical Review

the bodyguard musical review

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It’s been almost a year since I last went to the theatre, so when my mum suggested that we see The Bodyguard while we were in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance. The fact that one of my favourite X Factor winners Alexandra Burke was playing the lead made watching The Bodyguard even more tempting.

Produced by Michael Harrison and David Ian, The Bodyguard is an award-winning musical based on the 1992 film of the same name, which starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costher. It follows a famous pop singer who hires a former secret service agent as her new bodyguard to protect her from a stalker, not expecting to fall in love with him.

As I’d expected, Alexandra Burke was absolutely phenomenal as Rachel Marren. I’d never seen her act before but it’s clear that she’s not only an outstanding singer but an amazing actress too. Dionne Warwick praised Alexandra Burke for her depiction of Rachel, and I can see why – Burke truly makes the character her own.

the bodyguard musical review

I was also blown away by Micha Richardson’s performance as Rachel’s younger sister Nicki. She has a beautiful singing voice, although at times it felt like she was trying to outshine Alexandra Burke. However, it does reflect how Nicki is overshadowed by Rachel in the musical. Rachel’s son Fletcher and The Stalker (Phil Atkinson) are worth a mention too. Fletcher is adorable and there were gasps from the audience whenever The Stalker appeared on stage.

the bodyguard musical review
the bodyguard musical review

You’re bound to recognise all of the songs that feature in The Bodyguard, ranging from the upbeat ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, ‘Million Dollar Bill’ and ‘I’m Every Woman’ to the iconic ‘I Will Always Love You’. Other familiar songs that appear in the musical include ‘Run to You’, ‘Queen of the Night’, ‘One Moment in Time’ , ‘I Have Nothing’ and ‘Saving All My Love’. The whole audience got up at the end and sang along to ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, which was the perfect number to close the show.

Fans of Whitney Houston and Alexandra Burke will enjoy this lively production of The Bodyguard. With its stellar cast, impressive vocals and gripping story, what’s not to like about The Bodyguard?
the bodyguard musical review

A little warning…

While I enjoyed the musical itself, I’ll admit that I wasn’t so keen on Edinburgh Playhouse. The theatre was very cramped and there were massive queues to get into the venue and to get refreshments during the interval. It’s also worth mentioning that there are flashing lights throughout the performance and smoke effects at the beginning, which was a bit too much since I was sitting near the front. Fortunately, they didn’t last too long, and were a good way of grabbing the audience’s attention.


Unfortunately, The Bodyguard is no longer showing at Edinburgh Playhouse, but you can still catch Alexandra Burke as Rachel Marren in Plymouth (21st – 31st August), Sunderland (12st – 23rd November), Bradford (26th November – 7th December), Manchester (10th December – 4th January), Dartford (8th – 18th January) and Birmingham (21st January – 1st February). Tickets are available from the official website


Have you seen The Bodyguard (either the musical or the film)? What did you think? 



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  1. I love Whitney Houston’s music, and I love musicals though I often am limited to watching the film versions of musicals rather than experience them fully on stage. The show sounds fantastic and I’m adding it onto my wishlist of musicals with I aim to see one day – I’ve actually never given much thought to The Bodyguard as I’ve never even seen the film!

  2. I must admit, I’ve never seen the film or the musical but I love the songs so I think I would love to watch at least one of the two! Nothing beats seeing a musical live at the theatre though. So glad you had a lovely time but it’s a shame that you weren’t such a fan of the theatre, I hope that didn’t ruin the experience for you!

  3. Becky says: Reply

    I’ve still never even seen the film! But I have heard that Alexandra Burke is a ‘born performer’ so I’m not surprised that she can act as well as sing – good to know you enjoyed it, I may look to see if it’s on in London in a nicer theatre! x

  4. I saw Alexandra Burke in Sister Act and she was fab!

  5. I haven’t watched the film, but the show is coming to a theatre near me on it’s UK tour, so I might try to go and see it – I’ve heard so many good reviews!!

    Danielle |

  6. The bodyguard film and musical are my ultimate favourites! I actually saw the show a few years ago for my birthday but it was actually Beverly Knight who was playing Rachel and she was amazing! I would love to see it again and with Alexandra as the show is so great! X

  7. Kayleigh Zara says: Reply

    I’ve heard some amazing things about this musical but I’ve never researched into it before! I also love the sound of the music featured on the soundtrack I feel like I’d be singing along to every single one. Thanks for sharing x

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