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I signed up to my first book tour a few months ago and FINALLY got round to reading the book! Woo! The book I decided to review is Don’t Call Me Kit Kat by K.J. Farnham. I hadn’t heard much about this book before signing up to the book tour, but I read a brief summary of it on Goodreads and it seemed like a fairly decent book.
Don’t Call Me Kit Kat by K.J. Farnham
Publication date: May 15th 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 312
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
     Format: PDF, received from Xpresso as part of a book tour.
     Link: Amazon / Goodreads
     [From Amazon]
     Junior high is where things really start to happen. Cliques form and break apart. Couples     are made and destroyed. And a reputation is solidified that you won’t ever be able to escape. Everything you do and say, and everyone you spend your time with, matters. Katie Mills knows that. She gets it. That’s why she tried so hard to get in with the cool girls at school. And why she was so devastated when those efforts found her detained for shoplifting and laughed out of cheer squad tryouts. But Katie has more to worry about than just fitting in. Her parents are divorced and always fighting. Her sister never has time for her. And her friends all seem to be drifting apart. Even worse? The boy she has a crush on is dating the mean girl at school. Everything is a mess, and Katie doesn’t feel like she has control over any of it. Certainly not over her weight, which has always topped out at slightly pudgier than normal—at least, according to her mother. So when she happens to catch one of the popular girls throwing up in the bathroom one day, it sparks an idea. A match that quickly engulfs her life in flames. Is there any going back once she   gets started down this path? And would she even want to if she could?
Though reviews of Don’t Call Me Kit Kat were good, I wasn’t so sure I would enjoy it. I hadn’t heard much about it, and it seemed like a typical high school book. When I started reading Don’t Call Me Kit Kat, my previous perceptions about the book appeared to be correct. However, it wasn’t long before I really started getting into Don’t Call Me Kit Kat.
K. J. Farnham introduces the reader to the protagonist, Katie Mills, straightaway. We find her in the middle of trying to shoplift, in attempt to please one of the “popular” girls at her school. Unfortunately, Katie gets caught and her new friend Anica turns against her. When Katie returns to school after summer, she is keen to become part of the Orchard Hills clique, even though her best friend Carly doesn’t see the point. The two girls try out for cheerleading, as Katie wants to ‘prove’ that she isn’t so different. Despite this, Carly ends up becoming a cheerleader and befriends the girls in the Orchard Hills clique, soon drifting away from Katie…
Don’t Call Me Kit Kat turned out to be a lot better than I’d expected. Although Katie is not the most likeable character – I found her quite whiney at times – I did understand what she was going through. Her problems (including those with her friends and family) are just the same as any other thirteen-year-old, but they are portrayed so vividly in this novel and it’s easy to sympathise with Katie. Don’t Call Me Kit Kat delves right into eating disorders, something I haven’t read much about in other Young Adult novels. It’s interesting to see how it affects Katie herself and the others around her. Don’t Call Me Kit Kat is a medium-sized book, but I managed to read it in no time. K. J. Farnham may have directed this book for a younger audience, but I think people in their early twenties would enjoy it too.
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  2. It's quite a good book 🙂

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  5. It's a good book. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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