Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Book Review

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Review

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It seems that literally every blogger has read and raved about Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, and for good reason too. It’s relatable, hilarious, and tackles an issue you don’t usually associate with people in their 20s: loneliness. To find out why I think you should read Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, read on!


In her bestselling novel, Gail Honeyman focuses on Eleanor Oliphant, a woman who is in her late 20s and lives alone. She rarely goes out unless it’s to work or to her local convenience store, and spends her weekends drinking vodka and doing crosswords. As she keeps reminding us, Eleanor is completely fine. 

When you start reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, it’ll seem like Eleanor has a fairly simple and monotonous life. However, as you read on, you’ll begin to realise that there’s more to her story, and there a couple of events that explain why she is the way she is. Some of the things I wondered while reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine were: Why is Eleanor’s mum in prison? Why does Eleanor have a scar on her face? Why did Eleanor live in foster homes as a child? What happened to her father? Gail does a great job at leaving you guessing and not answering these questions until the very end of the book.

What I like about Eleanor is that she’s socially awkward, struggles to fit in, and prefers to spend time in her own company. I think we all have a bit of Eleanor Oliphant in us. I also enjoyed the friendship between Eleanor and Raymond and the fact that he didn’t give up on her, like most other people would have. I’m glad that their relationship didn’t blossom into something romantic, which was both surprising and a relief.

It’s hard to believe Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is Gail Honeyman’s first novel. It’s so beautifully written with a troubled protagonist that you’ll instantly root for. She’s quirky, honest, and says things I definitely agree with, like the fact that cheese and fish do not go together.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine won’t appeal to everyone, and it does take a while to get into as it’s quite raw and honest, and dark at times, but once you’ve read the first few chapters or so, you won’t be able to put it down.

Apparently Reese Witherspoon is planning to produce a film version of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine soon so make sure you pick up a copy of the book ASAP!


Have you read Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine? What are your thoughts? Which actress do you think would be perfect as Eleanor? 



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  1. Jess says: Reply

    I read this not long ago and absolutely loved it, it’s such a great novel I can’t wait to see what the author brings out next! Glad you enjoyed the book too, great review lovely I can’t wait to see how they turn it into a movie!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  2. Sophie says: Reply

    I haven’t read this book but it sounds really good! I might have to try and find it somewhere. Great review!

    Sophie x

  3. I’m still reading this so I’ve had to quickly skip through to not spoil myself!! Will bookmark this for when I’ve finished!!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  4. Jodie says: Reply

    This is no.1 on my holiday reading list, the buzz I’ve heard around this book has been amazing!

  5. I agree that the book took a little while to get into but I read the second half of the book in one sitting, without stopping because I couldn’t put it down.. 🙊

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