Forgotten Book Review

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I finished Forgotten on Thursday morning. It’s a book written by Cat Patrick. I ordered it from Amazon a while ago since the synopsis sounded interesting. Here’s the blurb at the back of my edition of the book:

Here’s the thing about me:

I can see the future in flashes, like memories.

But my past is a blank.

I remember what I’ll wear tomorrow, and an argument

that won’t happen until this afternoon

But I don’t know what I ate for dinner last night.

I get by with the help of notes, my mom and my

best friend Jamie, and the system works…

Until now. Everything’s falling apart.

Jamie’s going off the rails.

My mom is lying to me.

And I can’t see the boy I adore in my future.

But today, I love him. And I never want to forget how much…


As you can see, Forgotten has an unusual and original premise. I have never read a book like it before. Forgotten focuses on London Lane, an American teenager who forgets the past but remembers the future. She writes notes before she goes to bed so that she can remember what happened when she wakes up.

Near the beginning of the book London meets Luke Henry. They start chatting in the middle of a fire alarm and instantly click. Unfortunately, London doesn’t see any signs of Luke in her future and therefore wants to find out more about him. There are a few shocking twists during the course of the novel that make London realise why she is unable to remember the past and why Luke does not appear in her future.

One thing I like about Forgotten is the fact that London tries to live a normal life despite her condition. She goes to school every day and completes all her work without any problem, which is quite brave of her to be honest. However, while London and Luke have a sweet relationship, it is also a bit monotonous. I’m surprised London keeps forgiving Luke after she reads how he has hurt her in her notes. I was also not too keen on the ending. Forgotten has potential but Cat Patrick seems to end the story in a rush. I felt the final chapter should have been better-written – there were still some unresolved issues. Does London get reunited with her father? Will her memory ever go back to normal?

Overall, I would have to say that I was quite disappointed with Forgotten. It didn’t quite live up to my expectations. On the contrary, I did feel some sympathy towards London – it must be awful to constantly forget things and have to read notes every morning in order to remember them. Taking the above in account, I would give Forgotten 5 out of 10. It’s a nice book if you’re looking for something different, but it’s not very realistic and can be a bit confusing at times.

Have you read Forgotten? If so, what did you think?

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