Garnier Micellar Water Review

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You’ve probably noticed that I didn’t post much last week. Well, that’s because I was enjoying 30+ degree heat in Spain! I was initially going to work last week but I was given the week off instead so I decided to join my dad and brother in La Manga. Surprisingly, my mum wasn’t that keen on going to Spain. I guess someone had to stay at home and look after the cats since the holiday was arranged very last minute and we couldn’t really book them into a cattery! Anyway, Spain was amazing! I pretty much swam, sunbathed and read books all day every day! (Hence why I don’t really have any photos to share!)
As promised in my beauty haul post, I have done a review of Garnier Micellar Water, which I will be sharing with you today 🙂  


One of the most annoying things about wearing makeup is having to remove it at the end of the day. When you’ve had a long day at work or just come back from a night out, do you really want to spend ages cleansing your face? I know I don’t. Fortunately, micellar water has been invented, promising to make removing makeup fuss-free.  

So what exactly is micellar water?

 Micellar water is a cleansing product made up of micelles, which are tiny molecules that float in water. Hadley King, a dermatologist, claims

“The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin”

This makes micellar water great for not only washing your face and removing makeup, but moisturising your skin too.




What do I think of Garnier Micellar Water?

 I was quite late to start using micellar water, and even later to review it. I wasn’t sure whether it was a decent product or not, but after reading tonnes of reviews I decided to purchase it. I was lucky enough to find a small bottle of Garnier Micellar Water (125ml) in my local Superdrug shop for only £1 – real bargain considering the Bioderma micellar water costs around £10. I was also particularly drawn to the packaging of the Garnier Micellar Water. As you can see in the photos, it comes in an easily transportable bottle which is sleek and has a pink lid, making it really feminine.


 In order to use micellar water, you have to simply dispense a little bit of the liquid onto a cotton wool pad and then wipe it all over your face. A little like toner, I suppose. Depending on how much makeup you have on, you might need to repeat this a few times. However, it’s still much quicker than using face wash.

The great thing about this product is that it really leaves your face feeling fresh and energised. And it lasts such a long time considering it size. Perfect if you’re a student and can’t really afford to keep buying new beauty products. Garnier Micellar Water is also ideal for anyone with sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain any alcohol or perfume. however, I have found that my eyes do get a bit irritated if I use micellar water to remove my mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. It would be best to stick to a regular eye makeup remover such as the one from Simple and just us micellar water for cleansing your face.


Overall, I think that Garnier Micellar Water is a really convenient product. While it does sting my eyes a little, it doesn’t aggravate my face at all. The small bottle is also handy for taking away on trips – I’ve used it when I’ve travelled around England and Spain. Garnier Micellar Water is worth purchasing as an alternative to toner since it’s much more effective and like having two products in one. Nevertheless, if you’re going to be using this product on a regular basis, it’s advisable to continue using your normal cleanser as well.
Have you tried Garnier Micellar Water? Or micellar water from another brand? What are your thoughts?
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  1. This product is a staple in my makeup bag! I can not go without it anywhere at all! I had been using the bio derma micellar water but it used to leave a dent in the bank balance every month! and I especially use the micellar water to rinse out my beauty blender and my brushes so thats a plus! If you do check out primark, they have a big bottle for £2.50 which is cheaper than boots or superdrug!

  2. I've used peroxide for years in a smil air manner and I love it. Just keep it away from your eyebrows if you don't want them to turn orange Lille like did my freshman year of college lol

  3. I love micellar water especially for travel. I have not tried Garnier yet although I have read it is on par with bioderma. Add it to my list.

  4. I've been using it almost every day since this time last year! Yes, I did see the big bottle in Primark but I think I'll buy it next time I shop there!

  5. haha I've never used peroxide!

  6. Yeah, I agree that it's great for travelling.

  7. Loved this post so much! This makeup remover is the best thing i have ever tested! xxx

  8. I only just started using make up recently. Before that I was fine going bare faced but now I want to look more grown up. Lol. I will be trying this sometime to see how it works for me.

  9. I got some of that in a gift bag during a blogher conference and was so apprehensive about it I still haven't used it. But thanks to this I think I may actually give it a shot. Minus the eye part it sounds pretty good!! Thanks for reviewing it for me =]

    Danielle | <3

  10. Glad you like it! Thanks for commenting!

  11. Thanks for commenting!

  12. No problem! Hope you like it!

  13. Katja says: Reply

    I've got the green mattifying version of this and I love it. I think i got the big 400ml bottle for £2 from Boots on offer and it really does the trick. I do find it takes a few tries to get waterproof mascara off but that might just be me. Love it nonetheless.
    Kat xx

  14. Yep, I love this although I have the sensitive version! I always double cleanse too 🙂 x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  15. I haven't tried the green mattifying one yet. That's a good bargain!

  16. It really is a great product! Thanks for commenting!

  17. I heard so many good things about this product but never come around to try it!!I ise the bioderma one right now but i realize that i'm more a water and soap kind of girl haha

    xx Aphrodite ~ BubblyBeauty

  18. I've been looking for a new cleanser, may have to try this one out! Great review

  19. LOVE Garnier micellar water – In fact I need to buy some more. xx

  20. Having to take my makeup is the worst part for me as well! I was also very late to this trend as well and only started using it a few months ago! I love this review and if I didn't already use it I would start after this post! x

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