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Hope you’re all having a fab weekend! I went to the #BWBLaunch yesterday and it was so much fun! I met some brill bloggers, including Jessica and Kimberley, and went for yummy pizza at Pizza Express afterwards (of course I had to get some garlic dough balls too!).


A few weeks ago I came across the opportunity to review Gousto. Since I live with my parents and never really get the chance to cook anything (apart from eggs and pasta), I thought I’d give Gousto a try.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gousto,  it’s basically a recipe subscription box. You choose some recipes from their website (usually 2 or 4) and Gousto sends the ingredients to your home. I decided to try the Chicken, Red Pepper & Lemongrass Curry and Feta & Sweet Potato Taquitos. I’m a massive fan of feta and sweet potato, and I never really have curry that much.

The meals

The first meal I cooked was the Chicken, Red Pepper & Lemongrass Curry. I’d never actually made curry before so it was interesting to see how it would turn out. I was surprised to find that the chicken was wrapped in ice – but that’s a good idea, especially if you’re out and can’t get the delivery. The curry was so fragrant and tasty, and there was plenty of rice – I was able to stretch it to 3 meals (my dad is a vegetarian so he couldn’t have the chicken and I forgot to get rice for his meal). Unfortunately, when I went to make the taquitos a few days later, I realised that I’d forgotten to add the curry powder! I must’ve used extra coriander instead! I don’t know how I managed that!

Excuse the mess! I ended up cooking the curry v v late and I was too eager to tuck in!

The taquitos were very delicious too, and didn’t take that long to prepare. I loved the combination of feta and sweet potato, and the sauce was better than I thought. I did think there was too much tomato and I had to leave out the lettuce as I’m not much of a fan. *



Would I recommend Gousto?

Overall, I was very impressed with my box from Gousto. The delivery was efficient, and they are very generous with the ingredients – there was plenty left over. You don’t need to weight or measure anything either, which saves a lot of time. The recipes are easy to follow, which is good for amateur chefs like me! however, I do think that the boxes are a little expensive, starting at £27.49 for 2 recipes. It’s about the same as what you’d pay in a restaurant, and I know most people can’t afford to eat out that often. Gousto is probably better as an occasional treat or if you need inspiration for a dinner party. Parents / grandparents can also get Gousto for their kids at uni, who may be reluctant to cook. Gousto is a great way to motivate people to cook from scratch more often and try new recipes.


Have you ever tried Gousto (or another recipe kit)?




Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a box in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Romina says: Reply

    I recently tried them and I was very impressed, but I agree for the price it’s best left as an occasional treat x

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