Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking That You Need To Know!

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Although I don’t smoke myself, I am aware that many students do smoke, either to relieve stress or as a result of pressure from friends. Unfortunately, smoking has negative effects on your health, as well as your bank balance. By giving up smoking, you could save money and reduce your chances of getting lung disease. Think of all the things you could buy if you didn’t smoke – maybe you’ll finally be able to afford to go on holiday with your friends. If that hasn’t already made you want to stop smoking, here are some other benefits of being a non-smoker:

1. A reduction in anxiety

I know most people are likely to disagree with me on this one as cigarettes are known to calm the nerves after a puff or two. However, according to a British study published recently, suggests that quitting smoking can actually reduce anxiety in the long-term. According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry study, people who smoke experience a modest increase in anxiety, while those who quit experience a substantial reduction in anxiety.

2. Improved sex life

Researchers have shown that there is a close link between decreased sex drive and smoking in both males and females. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine back in 2008, nicotine can ideally have an effect on sexual arousal in non-smoking individuals.

3. Improved dental health

It is a fact that quitting smoking can radically decrease the risk of dental issues like gum diseases, cavities and even more severe conditions such as oral cancer. According to HealthDay, smokers have 1.5 times higher risk of getting at least three dental conditions compared to those who quit the habit.

4. Mood enhancement

This is a benefit I bet most people didn’t know. According to a study published by Brown University, quitting smoking can actually make you a happier person. Researchers discovered that smokers were never more pleased when quitting, and never were if they went back to smoking. The most illustrative subjects were those who just stopped temporarily. They were seen to have the best moods when they were not smoking. When they retracted, their moods darkened and some even portrayed higher levels of sadness and even depression.

5. Improving pregnancy chances

According to NBC news, female smokers have a 60% higher chance of becoming infertile when compared to non-smokers. Smoking cigarettes is ideally linked to miscarriages. So, if you are trying to conceive, it is best you stay away from cigarettes.

6. Reduction in hair loss

If you love your hair, you may want to quit smoking. That is because studies have linked smoking to increased risk of hair loss. In 2007, BBC reported on an Archives of Dermatology study that showed even after considering other male pattern baldness risk factors like race and age; heavy smoking substantially increases the risk of hair loss. WebMD also reported that apart from stress, genes, and drinking, smoking is ideally a risk factor for hair loss.

7. Healthier skin

If you are concerned about the condition of your skin, then cigarettes should not be a part of your day. Studies have shown smoking has a significant effect on the skin tone, and it promotes wrinkles around the lip region and skin sagginess. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, however, proved that just 45 days off the cigarettes would be enough to bring back your skin to a healthy state.

8. You will live longer

According to a study by the Lancet, quitting smoking can help women live 10 years longer that they would have if they continued smoking. Experts also discovered that the more an individual smoked, the higher the risk of premature death, regardless of whether you are a light of heavy smoker. Researchers have found that smokers have a doubled risk of passing away when compared with non-smokers. Professor Sir Richard said, “if women smoke like men, they die like men, but regardless of the gender, people who stop smoking before hitting middle age will gain about an extra 10 years of life on average.”

9. Less severe colds

According to a study by the Yale University researchers, mild cold symptoms tend to be more serious for smokers. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation in 2008 ideally showed an overreaction of the immune systems of mice that had flu when exposed to cigarette smoke. According to Dr. Jack A. Elias, M.D, the anti-viral responses in the mice exposed to cigarette smoke were both defective and hyperactive. These results suggest that people who smoke don’t get in trouble because they cannot fight or clear the virus, but because their bodies overreact to it.

10. Food and drink will taste better

Believe it or not, smoking can affect your taste buds. Most food will taste very bland if you smoke since the chemicals in a cigarette flatten the taste buds on your tongue. This is bad news for anyone who loves coffee or bacon. Within 48 hours of quitting smoking, food and drink will start to taste normal again.

 So, there you have it- health benefits you may not have known that you can get if you stop smoking. I hope that this piece has motivated you even more towards complete abstinence from smoking, or even if you switch to e cigs which is the healthiest alternative to smoking tobacco.
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  1. Quite frank and useful post! I'm still following! Keep it coming.

  2. Hi. So as soon as I saw the title of the post, I thought I should read. And once again, I am reminded to stop smoking. You have presented all the best reasons why it is beneficial to quit, and yet there are so much more reasons. PAIN, for one. Pain and suffering physically when diseases strike, pain and suffering for people around me who have to watch me suffer, and they too, shall suffer.


  3. There are already thousands of reasons to quit smoking. A lot of people still smoke. No judging them as I bet they wanted to stop if they really can. Overemphasizing these reasons is still not enough even now. It's great that there are now alternatives such as nicotine gums, vape, and nicotine-free cigs.

  4. I've stopped smoking for years now. I'm so glad that I did stop! There are just so many reasons why one should quit and I guess this is just the beginning. I just hope others would see the health benefits when you stop smoking.

  5. Has me relieved I don't smoke!

  6. I don't smoke, it is good to know the benefits of smoking to keep ourselves in check and content when we don't do what others are doing. I hope those have been smoking will take precaution about this. I didn't know smoking can cause hair loss!!~ thanks for writing this post.

  7. No 2 and 6 were a great eye opener! Thanks for sharing

  8. I used to smoke occasionally and I officialy quit on November of 2006. I'm nicotine-free for 10 years now. I know I am now assured to live a little bit longer than if I continued smoking to this day. Thank you for sharing this blog post. I'll probably write a similar article as well and share with my blog readers. 🙂

  9. That's defenitely nice information, thank you for share

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