Losing Hope Book Review

Losing Hope Book Review

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Hope you’re all having a good weekend! It’s time for my first book review of 2021! At the beginning of January I finally read the sequel to the brilliant Hopeless, and I just had to share my thoughts! Losing Hope is one of the best books I’ve read, and if you scroll down, you’ll find out why I loved it so much!



Losing Hope book review

*Trigger warnings: this book mentions sexual abuse, rape and suicide*

‘What are the chances that the only two girls in my life I’ve ever loved . . . I’ve lost? It’s killing me piece by piece every single day.’

Dean Holder has spent the last thirteen years obsessing over the moment that charged his life forever . . . the day his best friend was taken from him.

Holder can’t help blaming himself for Hope’s disappearance, and looks for her in every girl he meets. Until he finds Sky, who is the spitting image of the little girl that he let walk away all those years ago, only she doesn’t know who he is . . .

But while Holder can’t help falling for Sky, he also can’t shake the responsibility he feels, and the new guilt that is thrust upon him. In order to move forward Holder must dig deep into his past, and with Sky’s help, find the peace that he so desperately needs.

My Thoughts

Colleen Hoover has once again grabbed my heart and crushed it into a million tiny pieces. Losing Hope, the follow-up to Hopeless, was absolutely devastating, right from the very first chapter, and there were several moments that left me in floods of tears. As Losing Hope is basically the same events of Hopeless told from Holder’s perspective, it’s expected that it would have this effect on me.

Losing Hope Book Review

The book opens with Holder catching his twin sister Les’s boyfriend Grayson cheating on her. Intent on protecting Les, Holder persuades Grayson to break up with Les, only for it to end in tragedy. Holder is completely broken when he finds his sister’s lifeless body. Fast forward 13 months and Holder is still coming to terms with the loss of his sister, not to mention he’s also recovering from the disappearance of his best friend Hope several years ago. When a beguiling girl called Sky (who looks like the splitting image of Hope) appears in his life, Holder discovers the truth about the events of the past…


What I liked about Losing Hope is that I was able to understand more about why Holder kept certain things secret from Sky for so long. While I do wish that Holder was more upfront with Sky, I get that he didn’t want her life to drastically change and for her to be angry at him. In Losing Hope, Holder again comes across as caring and protective, and before her death, he had a very close relationship with Les. Sky does think that Holder is ‘intense’, ‘moody’ and slightly ‘scary’ when she first meets him – and I do agree that he is a bit stalkerish – but as she gets to know him better, she realises that he’s a genuinely nice guy with good intentions. There’s so much more to Holder than his “bad boy” exterior.


Losing Hope is a realistic and vivid portrayal of grief. Colleen Hoover perfectly captures the pain of death and how every time you hear that person’s name or see a photo of them it’s like you’re losing them all over again. In order to deal with his loss, Holder writes letters to his sister and has a short fling with her best friend Amy, even though she has a boyfriend and he knows it’s wrong. Holder has a habit of bottling up his feelings, which leads him to attack one of his classmates (who called Les “pathetic” for killing herself), and he is later arrested for this.

Losing Hope Book Review

Colleen Hoover’s writing has blown me away yet again. I wasn’t too sure about reading the events of Losing Hope from another perspective, especially when it’s such a gut-wrenching book, but I managed, and I loved reading about Sky and Holder’s relationship a second time. They have such undeniable chemistry, and although slow-burning, their relationship was also very passionate. It didn’t even bother me that most of the dialogue and incidents in Hopeless and Losing Hope were exactly the same. Colleen Hoover has created likeable characters that I could really empathise with, and I was fully immersed in the story. I didn’t want Losing Hope to end, and could’ve easily stayed up all night reading it. Losing Hope has set 2021 off to a great start, and I honestly doubt that any other book I read this year will be able to reach the same standards. We’ll see.

Losing Hope Book Review


So that’s my review of Losing Hope! Have you read Losing Hope? If so, what did you think of it? 



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  1. This sounds like a really challenging read, to be honest. All of those trigger warnings are precisely why I personally would steer clear of it. But I’m glad I got to read your review and thoughts on it overall!

    1. Serena says: Reply

      It definitely was a challenging read! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jen says: Reply

    Wow, both of these books sound so emotionally intense! I’ve never heard of either of them, to be honest but I think I’ll have to pick them up! Great review 🙂

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