May Film Recommendations and June Watchlist

may film recommendations

Hey guys!

It’s time for my monthly film recommendations and watchlist post! I was planning to publish this last Sunday, but I decided not to after the awful events on Saturday night. Although I didn’t get through as many films as I would’ve liked to during May, I did get to watch some good films. I’ve included mini reviews of my favourites below:


1. Flipped

Flipped focuses on a young girl called Juli Baker, who falls in love with her fellow classmate (and neighbour) Bryce Loski. Unfortunately, Bryce doesn’t feel the same way, although this makes Juli even more interested in him. Years later, Bryce realise he might actually have feelings for Juli, but is it too late? Flipped is a sweet, heartwarming film that’ll be enjoyed by fans of My Girl and Little Manhattan.

2. Gimme Shelter

Vanessa Hudgens proves that she has grown up a lot since High School Musical in this film about a teenager who runs away from home. She struggles to find somewhere to live, and soon realises that she is pregnant. Gimme Shelter is a really gritty film, and Vanessa Hudgens shines as the lead. I’d definitely recommend this film.

3. Almost Adults

Almost Adults is undeniably one of the best films I’ve watched recently. The friendship between the two main characters (who are portrayed by Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman) is very convincing. I’m surprised that Almost Adults has received such a low rating on IMBd; were these people watching a completely different film to me?

4. The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides was more weird than depressing, and it left me feeling rather confused. The film is based on a book of the same name and focuses on a group of teenage boys who become fascinated by the suicides of five sisters, who seemed happy on the outside but couldn’t copy with the pressure of living up to the expectations of their strict parents. The Virgin Suicides is sad and haunting, and you’ll become enthralled with the Lisbon sisters, just like the boys.

5. Nerve

I’d put off watching Nerve since I wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it or not, but it turned out to be much better than I’d expected. Nerve is an action-packed thriller, full of moments that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. It stars Emma Roberts as Vee, a recent high school graduate. She tries out an online game called ‘Nerve’, in which players have to complete dares in return for cash. What Vee doesn’t realise is that it’s easy to get sucked into ‘Nerve’  and it’ll take over your whole life…Other noteable cast members include Dave Franco, Miles Heizer (from 13 Reasons Why), Emily Meade (who was also in Gimme Shelter), and Machine Gun Kelly.


Other films I’ve watched recently include Sundown (miss), 10 Years (miss – unless you like Channing Tatum), Jackie (even more grim than Gimme Shelter and The Virgin Suicides), Lily & Kat (average) and Good Kids (ditto). I also rewatched The Prince & Me and Chalet Girl – I’d definitely recommend these two films.


Here are some of the films I want to watch in June (most of them are available on Netflix):

1. Slumdog Millionaire

2. My Girl 2

3. Mystic Pizza

4. Youth in Revolt

5. Moonrise Kingdom

6. A Country Called Home

7. The Notebook

8. Kiss & Cry

9. Bachelorette

10. XOXO

11. A Dog’s Purpose

12. Wonder Woman


What films have you seen recently? 🙂



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  1. I watched Nerve a while ago and really enjoyed it! I wasn’t sure if it would be any good but it actually was. Hope you get chance to watch a dogs purpose in June, it’s such a lovely film!

    Tiffany x

  2. Oooh, your film & tv recommendations are always something a little bit different! Nerve sounds awesome, a real thriller! I really want to see A Dog’s Purpose too, and Wonder Woman!

    Abbey 😘

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