Money Saving Tips For Halloween

Money Saving Tips For Halloween

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Hope you’re all well! Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, so today I’ll be sharing a timely blog post from Em, who blogs over at Love Em. Read on to find out Em’s suggestions for how you can save money at Halloween this year!


Halloween is an exciting and spooky time of year. There are so many things to do, from baking scary treats to picking pumpkins which all cost money. Looking at a low bank balance can be just as frightening as a horror house! Here’s how to save money this Halloween, so you can enjoy the holiday and not break the bank! 


Cut Down On Costume Costs

Everyone loves a Halloween costume, but it can be expensive. If you’ve got an old Halloween costume, why not reuse it or try to DIY it into something better. Cutting up an old white school shirt can lead to ghosts, zombies and mummies with a little bit of creativity! There is nothing wrong with wearing the same costume twice, so you could always swap costumes with friends and family. Here are some other ways you can save money on Halloween costumes:


  • DIY your accessories
  • Thrift costumes from charity shops
  • See if eBay has any good bargains
  • Swap and share your costumes
  • Buy costumes in the sale and save them for the next year
  • Sell any old costumes you have before purchasing new ones


Bake Some Spooky Treats

It can be tempting to spend money on Halloween candy and treats, but why not make your own? There are many delicious Halloween desserts you could try to impress your guests! You could get the kids involved and have them decorate cupcakes and brownies, the messier, the better! If you’re more of a savoury person, why not make your meals sound scary? Instead of eating out, you can create some scary Halloween themes dishes such as worms and mud (spaghetti Bolognese) or witches fingers and mushy brains (sausages and mash). It is an affordable way to make mealtimes more fun. 


DIY Some Ghostly Home Decor

I love home decor and always spend a fortune on it during the holidays. Save some pennies and DIY your Halloween decor. Pinterest is the perfect place to find some great Halloween decor ideas that you can recreate on a budget. You can use things from around your home or shop at Poundland for affordable supplies. I like signs and pumpkin-related decor, and I can always find cute and affordable craft supplies for those projects. If you’re not into DIYs, then you could also try looking at Poundland or Home Bargains for some budget-friendly alternatives.  


Save Money On Scary Trips

If you’re too old for trick or treating, there are lots of things you can do instead. Halloween holds carnivals, haunted houses, pumpkin picking and many other entertaining things to do with your family. To save money, see if your local area is holding any free events. You could also look on Groupon or other money-saving websites to see if you’re able to get a good deal. Where possible, use those cashback apps! It saves you money, and you’ll get some cash back into your pocket – perfect for Christmas savings! If you want to save even more money, why not hold an at-home horror movie night with friends and family. Everyone can bring spooky snacks, and you get to spend time with loved ones!


Bonus Money-Saving Tips!

  • Use trick or treating candy to regift to your own visitors
  • Cut down on decorations & other things you’ll use once in the holiday
  • Gift cheaper candy, rather than expensive sweets
  • Create your own Halloween candy buckets
  • Purchase candy in bulk and use it throughout the year too!
  • Set a budget and stick to it – use cash where possible to avoid overspending
  • Use loyalty points and vouchers to reduce your shopping bill
  • Stay in and play some scary games to cut down on outing costs


Halloween doesn’t need to be an expensive holiday. With Christmas right around the corner, you’ll want to be saving as much as possible! I love finding ways to save money, and there are always things you can do to reduce the costs. What money-saving hacks do you use for Halloween? I’d love to hear what other ways I can be saving money over the Halloween period! 


About the Guest Writer!

Em is a UK blogger focusing on self-improvement, money & sustainability on her blog “Love, Em“. With 4 years of experience in the blogging world, she is keen to share her knowledge. Emily is passionate about helping others, and since leaving college, has decided to put her passions in writing. You can find her over on social media!

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