My Autumn TBR List

Autumn TBR List

Hey fellow bookworms!

This post features the books I am planning to read over the next few months.

1. The Giver

As I write this post, I have actually just finished reading this book. The Giver was on TBR list for so long. I can’t believe I hadn’t read it before! Especially since I read its sequel Gathering Blue years ago (I had no idea it was a series at the time!). When I found a copy of The Giver at the book exchange at Summer in the City I grabbed it straightaway. I’ll be doing a review of this book soon.

2. Before Midnight

I was supposed to read Before Midnight last summer, but other books got in the way, and then I had to work on my dissertation. I had also planned to read it this summer instead, but I couldn’t find a copy on Amazon that included free delivery! Hopefully, I’ll be able to read it before this year is over as it looks like a good book and I love Cinderella retellings.

3. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

I think I’ll have to read this after I watch the film as it is already in cinemas and I don’t actually own a copy! It looks like a really fascinating and unusual story, and I’ve heard plenty of great things about it.

4. Sisters Red

You can never read too many fairy tale retellings, right? Sisters Red focuses on two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, who are attacked by a werewolf as children and grow up to become wolf hunters. It’s based on Little Red Riding Hood and is much darker. I think I’ll be reading Sisters Red around Halloween!

5. Brooklyn

My mum recommended this to me so I thought I’d read it before I watch the film (which is fortunately on Netflix).

6. Longbourn

Longbourn is the perfect book for fans of Pride & Prejudice – like me. It focuses on the servants who live ‘downstairs’ in the Bennet household.

7. Between the Lines

As I loved My Sister’s Keeper and Nineteen Minutes, I’ve been eager to read more books by Jodi Picoult. Between the Lines stood out due to its gorgeous cover and intriguing premise. Jodi Picoult is known for her contemporary adult books, but Between the Lines is different since it is a fantasy aimed at teens.

8. An Abundance Of Katherines

Because I want to read all of John Green’s books. An Abundance Of Katherines focuses on a boy called Colin Singleton who always dates girls called Katherine and then gets dumped by them. It sounds silly, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as John Green is a good writer and I loved his other books.

9. Prep

Since I love books set in boarding schools, it comes as no surprise that I’ve added Prep to my Autumn TBR list. Prep is a coming-of-age novel about Lee Fiora, a scholarship student at the prestigious Ault, a boarding school in the East Coast of America.

10. The Confectioner’s Tale

I’ve been wanting to read this book since last summer but I haven’t really had time – and I haven’t even bought a copy yet! I adore the cover and I’m drawn to the fact that it is about a pair of star-crossed lovers.

And if I have time…

11. The Sun Is Also A Star
12. Holding Up the Universe
13. The Muse
14. Fragmented
15. Eligible
16. After You

What books are on your TBR list for this season? Have you read any that I’ve mentioned?


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