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Hey guys!
As a blogger, it is essential that you install certain plugins and apps to help grow your blog. These will increase your productivity and optimise your blog for search engines. I’m sure you’ve heard about SEO – it seems to always be drilled into us bloggers.
When I first started my blog in my first year of uni, I wasn’t aware of these blogging tools. However, I soon started to use them, and they have basically become my lifesaver. I use them all the time to ensure that my blog is always up to scratch.
There are so many blogging tools out there, so how can you possibly choose which ones to use? Well, hopefully this list of my favourite blogging tools will make your decision much easier.
Buffer is amazing if you want to post several tweets about your blog during the day but won’t have time / access to the internet. With Buffer, you can write a tweet and schedule it to a time that suits you. Buffer also allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, although I have yet to use this feature. One other brilliant thing about Buffer is that it shows you how well a post has done – this is in terms of the likes, shares, comments and retweets the post has got.
PicMonkey is my go-to website for editing photos and creating collages. It’s so simple to use, but it can take a long time to load on my laptop! Nevertheless, PicMonkey does has some great features and I’d recommend using it if you don’t want to fork out for Photoshop. Alternatives to PicMonkey include BeFunky, LunaPic and Canva. The latter is great for creating visuals and specific designs for your blog.
3. Social Media
I don’t know what I would do without social media – it has helped my blog so much! Not only do websites like Twitter and Facebook enable you to promote your blog, but they are also a great way of networking with brands and connecting with other bloggers. There are several groups on Facebook with threads for sharing posts and commenting on other people’s blogs. My faves are UK Bloggers and Bloggers Helping Each Other – I’d recommend these to smaller bloggers who want to build up their views and increase awareness of their blog.
I have just started using Keyword Tool this week and it has helped me find keywords to use in each blog post. Moz has a good guide on how to use keywords in your blog.
5. My camera
I could not live without my camera! I have a Canon SLR and it produces such fantastic photos! They are such great quality and so clear. I don’t just use my camera for blog pics – I regularly go on photo trips around London and I used it when I studied Photography at A Level. I bought it back in 2014 and it’s still usable.
6. My iPhone & Laptop
Both my iPhone and laptop make blogging so much easier. I also use my iPhone for taking photos, as well as keeping up to date with social media, checking my emails, posting pics on Instagram, and making notes when I’m out and about. My laptop is where I upload posts and edit photos. It’s quite heavy so I can’t really take it out with me.
What tools do you use for your blog? Which tools would you recommend?
Hasta luego!

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  1. My Canon 750D is an essential x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. My Nikon D5300 is the most important thing but can I say natural light? Because that is totally an essential x

  3. I love using FB groups to help promote my blog. Its pretty fun for that and also just to meet other bloggers. As corny as it sounds, it definitely builds a great community of likeminded people =]

    Danielle | <3

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Keyword research is one of the big things I need to get on, I'll definitely give #4 a try!

    Jen |

  5. I can't live without my camera either. I have the Nikon D3200 and I love it. Thanks for sharing.


  6. elljt says: Reply

    Instagram, twitter and my little notepad that goes everywhere with me. Lovely post xx

  7. Social Media in general is perfect! I couldn't live without it, it's super helpful gaining valuable information from other bloggers and of course, increasing your following.

    Gemma | An Ocean Glimmer

  8. I've just done a post like this as well, I find them so helpful! Social media, my camera and iPad go everywhere with me ha ha xo

  9. I've never heard of Buffer of Keyword Tool, 'may have to give them a go! Picmonkey is hands down one of my favourites, I use it not just for my photos but when i'm designing my blog layout too, such a lifesaver! xx

  10. hahah i really need to start using buffer. you're post has encouraged me to try it this weekend

  11. I use my phone mostly for my pictures and images. I take most of my photos on 3984×2988 and they work for me so far. Someday I will get a nice camera but then I would have to learn how to use it!

  12. Thank you for the valuable information,specially for beginners like me !

  13. I love all your amazing tips. I also use Canva. I also have a list I created for bloggers to use to boost their traffic and income. If you want to give it a read here:

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