November 2020 Playlist

November 2020 Playlist

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all having a good weekend! We’ve come to the end of another month, so it’s time for my monthly playlist! In terms of new music, November had a bit of a slow start, and I didn’t add many tunes to my iTunes library. However, things picked up in the second half of the month, with the release of Miley Cyrus’s much-anticipated seventh album ‘Plastic Hearts’ and Tinashe’s Christmas EP ‘Comfort & Joy’ (which came as a bit of a surprise). Some of the other notable songs from November include ‘In The Morning’ by Jennifer Lopez, ‘Lonely Together – The Quarantine Song’ by Savannah Outen, ‘Monster’ by Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, and ‘My Reputation’ by Jeezy, Demi Lovato and Lil Duval.

It’s impossible to talk about the music released this month without mentioning ‘Plastic Hearts’. Miley Cyrus is known for being a versatile artist, and in her 13 years in the music industry she has covered a range of genres, spanning from pop to R&B to psychedelic rock to country. Her latest album is rock, which seems to be the genre Miley excels at the most. While I love pretty much every song on ‘Plastic Hearts’, my favourites would have to be ‘Angels Like You’, ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Midnight Sky’.

Read on to find out the songs I discovered in November:

  1. Liar – Davina Michelle
  2. Doin’ It Again – Eyelar
  3. mars – YUNGBLUD
  4. In The Morning – Jennifer Lopez
  5. Feeling Dynamite – Joe Stone & Ally Brooke
  6. Caliente Navidad – Isabela Merced
  7. Christmas Blues – Njomza
  8. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Tinashe
  9. Angels we Have Heard on High – Tinashe
  10. Last Christmas – Tinashe
  11. The Christmas song – Tinashe
  12. O Holy night – Tinashe
  13. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Tinashe
  14. You Ruined Christmas – Beth Crowley
  15. My Reputation – Jeezy ft Demi Lovato & Lil Duval
  16. Monster – Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber
  17. You Think You’re – Alex Aster
  18. Man’s World – MARINA
  19. 25 – The Pretty Reckless
  20. Lonely Together – The Quarantine Song – Savannah Outen
  21. WTF Do I Know – Miley Cyrus
  22. Plastic Hearts – Miley Cyrus
  23. Angels Like You – Miley Cyrus
  24. Prisoner – Miley Cyrus ft Dua Lipa
  25. Gimme What I Want – Miley Cyrus
  26. Night Crawling- Miley Cyrus ft Billy Idol
  27. Midnight Sky – Miley Cyrus
  28. High – Miley Cyrus
  29. Hate Me – Miley Cyrus
  30. Bad Karma – Miley Cyrus ft Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  31. Never Be Me – Miley Cyrus
  32. Golden G String – Miley Cyrus
  33. Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix) – Miley Cyrus ft Stevie Nicks
  34. Heart of Glass – Miley Cyrus
  35. Zombie – Miley Cyrus
  36. Love Me Again – RAYE
  37. Change Your Mind – RAYE
  38. Regardless – RAYE & Rudimental
  39. Secrets – RAYE & Regard
  40. Natalie Don’t – RAYE
  41. All Dressed Up – RAYE
  42. Please Don’t Touch – RAYE
  43. Walk On By – RAYE
  44. Love Of Your Life – RAYE
  45. 99% – GRACEY
  46. Empty Love – GRACEY & Ruel
  47. Don’t – GRACEY
  48. Like That – GRACEY & Alexander 23
  49. Care Less – GRACEY
  50. Alone In My Room (Gone) – GRACEY
  51. Don’t Need Love – GRACEY & 220 KID
  52. My Head & My Heart – Ava Max



So there’s my November 2020 Playlist! Have you heard any of these songs? 



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  1. A great playlist! I haven’t heard of many of these songs, but I will certainly be giving them a listen. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alex says: Reply

    I’ve been meaning to check out Miley’s new album but haven’t got around to it, but loved her Heart of Glass cover! Definitely going to give it a listen!

  3. Natasha Evans says: Reply

    I don’t think I’ve listened to any of these songs but I’ll have to add them to my Spotify and give them a listen. Thanks for sharing!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  4. Kelly says: Reply

    There’s so many songs on here I’ve never heard of before. Midnight Sky is my newest fave by Miley Cyrus, her mash-up with Stevie Nicks (Edge of Midnight) is incredible, I’m obsessed!

  5. Ellie says: Reply

    Great playlist! Some really good covers in there too 🙂

  6. Some great songs and artists on here! Love that there’s some Christmas songs too! xxx

  7. I haven’t listened to any of these, but I tend to listen to rock/alternative/punk.

  8. I haven’t heard some of these but I do love a bit of JLo. Great playlist

  9. Kiran says: Reply

    So many great songs here, I love Tinashe! I have mostly been listening to Ariana and Ruel last month. Thank you for sharing, need to check out some of these songs, I am listening to Shawn Mendes right now as his new album recently released! x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Serena says: Reply

      Ariana and Shawn Mendes are great too! Thanks for commenting!

  10. Jen says: Reply

    Great list! I haven’t heard a lot of these songs but I’ll check it out!

  11. So many Miley Cyrus songs, I need to check her new stuff out! 😊

    ✨ Marissa Belle × ✨

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