On the Other Side Book Review

On the Other Side book review

Hey guys! 

I’m back again with another book review! This time it’s On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Enjoy!


On the Other Side is the debut novel from Youtuber and actress Carrie Hope Fletcher. It’s a quirky love story that focuses on an 82-year-old woman called Evie Snow, who passes away peacefully in her sleep. She finds herself back in the apartment building she lived in when she was in her 20s. Evie is unable to enter her old flat (which is like her ‘personal’ heaven) – something from Evie’s past is preventing her from doing so, and as a result, she has to revisit her youth with the help of her friend Lieffe, in order to ‘free’ her heart and move on.

Evie is a fantastic character. She is likeable right from the start, and is also funny and caring – for example, Evie trades her dream to protect her brother from their close-minded parents. I felt a lot of sympathy for Evie, especially since she didn’t have many friends growing up and her mother was determined to marry her off to someone she wasn’t romantically interested in. Evie was very creative and ambitious too, but unfortunately her parents didn’t support this.

While the romance between Evie and Vincent was really sweet, I do think that too much of the book focused on it. I would’ve preferred to read more about Evie’s children and her relationship with Jim. Another thing that irked me about On the Other Side was that it was full of cliches. The main examples are the evil mother who pretty much has no positive traits whatsoever, and the story of the star-crossed lovers.

A lot of Youtubers have released books in recent years, but Carrie Hope Fletcher truly stands out. While On the Other Side does have its faults, it is still a beautiful book and shows that Carrie has a lot of potential as an author. I loved the descriptive language (e.g. “Like soft whispers to a secret love, hearts spilling over with champagne’), the inclusion of LGBT+ characters, and magical element – I was not expecting it at all! I’ll definitely be picking up other books by Carrie!


Have you read On the Other Side? What are your thoughts? 



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  1. It’s nice to see a balanced review of a book from a YouTuber because fans of these YouTuber’s tend to not have a bad word to say about anything they do, so you don’t often see the negatives! Personally, this doesn’t sound like it’d be for me, due to the romance element you said was quite prominent. I’m not a romance lover at all so that would definitely put me off and I’d also much rather read about her kids and family! Great review 🙂 cxx

  2. Emma says: Reply

    Been looking for a good winter read and I really feel like this is a book I need to read, thank you for the review ❤️


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