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  • The Paper Magician Book Review

    The Paper Magician Book Review

    Hey guys! Hope you’ve all had a good week! It’s been absolutely boiling here in London – too hot, if I’m being honest! I’m hoping it gets a bit cooler asap cos it’s no fun feeling like I’m suffocating! Today I’ll be sharing my review of The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Homberg. Enjoy! Summary Ceony Twill […]

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  • Censored Book Review

    Censored Book Review

    Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a good week! In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my review of Caroline Bobick’s debut novel Censored. I wasn’t actually aware of this book until I spotted it on Netgallery just over a week ago, but it immediately sparked my interest when I read the blurb and saw that it […]

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  • Mini Book Reviews #10

    Mini Book Reviews #10

    Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Today I’ll be sharing mini reviews of 5 books I’ve read during lockdown. I’ve shared quite a lot of full-length book reviews recently, and since I’ve read 20 books during lockdown, I thought I’d change things up a bit and post some shorter ones. So here are my mini reviews: 1. Teach […]

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  • Top Things To Do After Lockdown

    Top Things To Do After Lockdown

    Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well and are staying safe. It may seem like the pandemic has been around forever – but it’s got to end sometime, right? Things may not seem normal for a while, but with groups of 6 people now able to meet in the UK, we might actually be able […]

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  • Twenties Girl Book Review

    twenties girl book review

    Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a good Monday! While the weather has been glorious the last few weeks – at least in England – the world seems such a frightening place at the moment, and reading is something I like to do when I want to escape reality. One of my general reading goals is […]

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  • Regretting You Book Review

    Regretting You Colleen Hoover

    Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! Does anyone else feel like lockdown is flying by? I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 weeks already! While it’s scary how fast time is going by, at least it means that we’ll be able to see our friends and families again soon! With more time on my hands, I’ve been […]