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Hey guys!
I’ve been hearing so many great things about matcha tea recently, so when Purechimp offered to send me a sample of their matcha tea, I jumped at the chance. Well, not literally, of course!

So what is matcha tea?

Matcha tea has been around for centuries. It is traditionally consumed by the Japanese, but has recently made its way over to the UK and America. Matcha tea is a type of green tea that is made from a fine powder. The matcha plants are grown in the shade for a few weeks – this enables them to produce theanine and caffeine. Once harvested, the leaves are ground into a powder, which can be used as an ingredient in drinks or other recipes, including chocolate brownies.

Information about Purechimp Matcha Green Tea

The Purechimp Matcha Green Tea comes as a powder in a small, but fun and cute, pouch. Each serving is “equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea”. Purechimp recommends that you prepare the tea by mixing half a teaspoon of powder with hot water. Since matcha is quite strong, don’t use too much powder, and add some honey to sweeten it. You could also mix the matcha with fruit juice for a ‘super shoot’. I decided to try both, in order to see which one I preferred.

Benefits of Purechimp and matcha tea

Purechimp matcha tea promises to do the following:
1. Clear your head
2. Steady energy levels
3. Improve your skin
4. Boost your metabolism
5. Burn calories
Purechimp matcha tea is ‘rich in skin-clearing antioxidants’ – apparently even more so than superfoods like nuts and goji berries. You can see just how much in the graph below:
Matcha tea is full of vitamins and minerals, and like DETOX TEAS, matcha tea can cleanse your mind and make you feel more energised. You can find out more about the benefits of matcha tea in the article I wrote for Kettle magazine.

My Thoughts

The first thing I noticed about the tea was its vibrant green colour. Usually I’d be put off by a drink that green, but since matcha is so healthy, I decided to try it anyway. I first tried the powder with hot water and a few teaspoons of honey. The drink had a distinct grassy taste and there was a slight bitterness. It was more drinkable than I’d anticipated, but it’s not something I’d consume on a regular basis. I then decided to try the matcha powder in a glass of apple juice. The matcha was more subtle and it didn’t weaken the flavour of the juice. It also left me feeling more energised.

If you’re keen to try matcha but can’t handle the bitterness, I’d recommend mixing a little with juice, smoothies or hot drinks. Matcha has a noticeably strong flavour, which not everyone will like. However, it has so many health benefits, so you should give it a try if you can. But remember, the matcha tea latte from Starbucks doesn’t count!

You can purchase the powder directly from the Purechimp website. The pouch I received is only £6.95 – much cheaper than I expected. As it’s nearing Christmas, Purechimp are offering a gift set for £29.95.
Have you ever tried matcha tea? What did you think of it?
Hasta luego!

Disclaimer: I received Purechimp Matcha Tea in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I just learned to love matcha recently after a trip to Japan. I do love matcha latte but not matcha hot tea, for some reason, I still cannot appreciate it. Well to begin with I'm not a big tea lover, if it's not iced, it's unlikely I'd drink it. That being said, I probably won't like this matcha tea, but maybe if I do add something to it like what you did with mixing it with a juice.

  2. Khm, looks like a great product with so many great benefits.

  3. I know matcha has a lot of benefits but I just can't bear drinking it as is! I'd rather have it with something else, maybe like the apple juice you mentioned, anything to tame the grassy taste hehe. I initially thought the packaging was for a facial mask hehe it's so cute! Thanks for sharing this! 😀

  4. I have actually never had a matcha tea or anything with matcha in it. Definitely need to try it soon as I've heard a lot of people recommending it 🙂

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  5. Chloe says: Reply

    Oh I've not heard of this tea company before. I shall add to my list of teas to try. Thanks for sharing,Chloe https://pinkiebag.com/

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