The Hating Game Book Review

the hating game book review

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Hope you’re all having a good weekend and are enjoying the sunshine! I’ll finally be sharing my review of The Hating Game today – I actually read this book last September, but for some reason I never actually got round to posting the review! As I didn’t have any other posts planned for today, I thought I’d share my thoughts of The Hating Game! Read on to find out what I liked and disliked about this book!


the hating game book review

Nemesis (n.) 1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome. 2) A person’s undoing. 3) Joshua Templeman.

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman sit across from each other every day . . . and they hate each other.

Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. HATE. Lucy can’t understand Joshua’s joyless, uptight approach to his job and refusal to smile. Joshua is clearly baffled by Lucy’s overly bright clothes, quirkiness, and desire to be liked.

Now they’re up for the same promotion and Lucy, usually a determined people-pleaser, has had enough: it’s time to take him down. But as the tension between Lucy and Joshua reaches its boiling point, it’s clear that the real battle has only just begun . . 

This bestselling, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy is an unmissable, utterly loveable treat and is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella’s My Not So Perfect Life or Jo Watson’s Love To Hate You.

the hating game book review

My Review 

I’ve always been drawn to stories about love-hate relationships, and when I heard that one of my favourite actresses Lucy Hale was going to star in an adaptation of a book called The Hating Game, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy ASAP.

The Hating Game is a sweet novel that follows two colleagues who go from enemies to loves. Lucy and Joshua absolutely detest each other but are forced to work in the same office when their publishing houses are merged together. Cue lots of competition and games like ‘The HR Game’ and ‘The Staring Game’, whereby Lucy and Josh try to annoy and undermine each other. When a new executive position opens up at their company, Lucy and Joshua are both determined to win, but decide to put their differences aside and soon realise that maybe they can get along and don’t hate each other after all…

Lucy and Joshua are both fantastic characters and their banter will make you laugh out loud. While Lucy is charming and likeable from the very beginning, Joshua seems like an arrogant jerk who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. However, as Lucy finds out, Joshua is actually a decent human being who has legit reasons for his standoffish personality. Another similarity between Lucy and Joshua is their ambition – because of this, they clash a lot at the begin, but it turns out that they can work surprisingly well as a team.

Evidently, I loved The Hating Game and wouldn’t change a thing about it. That being said, I would’ve liked to have gained more of an insight into Joshua’s POV and maybe read a few chapters from his perspective, to find out more about his relationship with his brother and parents. The book was also a lot steamier than I was expecting, although not so much so that I was put off reading it. Lucy and Joshua were at each other’s throats for the majority of the novel and it was a bit OTT at times, but entertaining nonetheless.

Ultimately, The Hating Game is a super cute and addictive contemporary novel with a slow-burning romance that you can’t help but swoon over. It’s about giving people a chance and not dismissing them based on first impressions. I can’t wait to watch the film when it’s finally released (I don’t think filming has even started yet, so I may have to wait a couple of years) – Lucy Hale and Robbie Amell are perfect casting!

If you want to purchase a copy, you can head to my Amazon Affiliate – I’ll receive a small commission.


Thanks for checking out my review! Let me know if you’ve read The Hating Game!



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  1. This sounds cute! I’m not normally a fan of the love-hate thing, since I think it promotes negative relationship standards, but this sounds fun enough to counterbalance that, so I’ll have to give it a shot!

  2. Beth says: Reply

    I’m not a big fan of romances but this one sounds quite quirky and funny. Great review , I’m quite tempted by this now xxx

  3. Lisa says: Reply

    I have to be honest, I’m not normally a fan of romances but this one sounds quite intriguing. Elements of Mr Darcy’s stand-offishness for a good reason, perhaps? Great review! Lisa x

  4. claire says: Reply

    This sounds like a great read. A great concept for a book actually, two people who don’t get on with each other.

    I’ll be checking this one out x

  5. Great review! This was my favourite Sally Thorne book. I love a book with good banter!

  6. Oooh this sounds so fun! I love an enemies to lovers book so this sounds right up my street!

  7. Stephanie says: Reply

    It’s funny because over the years I’ve come to really dislike enemies-to-lovers as a trope, but to this day, I still ADORE The Hating Game. Sally Thorne did a great job with this one, and I read it when it first came out, so the fact that it has remained as a top romcom pick for me is quite impressive! I really do hope that the movie happens because Lucy Hale would make an excellent choice for Lucy (and how fantastic that she has the same name)!

    1. Serena says: Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed The Hating Game too, it’s such a brilliant book – I can’t wait for the film!

  8. sounds like a good book that will make a great movie. Well written review

    1. Serena says: Reply

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. Great review! I loved the banter in this one too, and I look forward to watching it come to life in movie form! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Mehsi says: Reply

    This sounds like such an adorable book! Definitely would like to try it, provided the bickering isn’t too much. Great review~

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