Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Fairy Tale Retellings I’ve Read/Want To Read

Hey everyone!

Today I have decided to join in Top Ten Tuesday! Whoo! If you didn’t already know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. They choose a topic and a number of bloggers have to pick ten books relating to that topic. 

This Tuesday’s Top Ten will focus on fairytale retellings. Before I tell you which retellings I’ve read / want to read, let me just say that I love fairy tales! They were a huge part of my childhood and I like all the magic. Retellings, whether in book form or on the screen, are fantastic ways to revisit classic fairy tales as an adult. My two favourite fairy tales would have to be Cinderella and Snow White, and in terms of visual retellings, I absolutely love Once Upon a Time. So far, I’ve only read three fairy tale retellings – Red Riding Hood, The Poison Apples and Chinese Cinderella. However, there are many, many more I want to read, and it was so hard to just list ten!

1. Ash – Malinda Lo

I love Cinderella, so it’s not surprising that I want to read this original retelling. I’m planning to read it before I go back to uni since it’s been on my TBR list for a while now. Ash is described on Goodreads as “entrancing, empowering, and romantic”. It’s “about the connection between life and love, and solitude and death, where transformation can come from even the deepest grief.”

2. Before Midnight – Cameron Dokey

Planning to read this very soon!

3. The Ugly Stepsister – Aya Ling

This is another Cinderella retelling I’ll be reading this summer. I received an ARC copy recently from Xpresso Book Tours.

4. Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Okay, so I may have gone a little crazy on the Cinderella retellings! However, they are all very different! I mean, in Cinder, Cinderella is a cyborg!!! I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere before!

5. Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hedge

Cruel Beauty is one of the most well-known retellings of Beauty and the Beast. It looks amazing and I just have to read it!

6. Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce

As with Ash, Jackson Pearce’s novel Sisters Red has been on my TBR list for aaaages! It sounds like an intriguing take on Little Red Riding Hood and I have a copy so I have no excuse not to read it!

7. Book of a Thousand Days – Shannon Hale

Book of a Thousand Days may be based on an obscure fairy tale, but it’s still one I’d like to read at some point.

8. Entwined – Heather Dixon

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I absolutely love the cover of Entwined!

9. Briar Rose – Jana Oliver

Looks brilliant, though a little dark!

10. Bitter Greens – Kate Forsyth

Another cover I absolutely love!

Have you read any of these retellings? What did you think of them?


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  1. Great list! I've read all of them except Sisters Red so you've got some amazing books to read, hope you enjoy them all 🙂

  2. Fabulous list! The only one I have read is Cinder, but it was good! I would like to get to Cruel Beauty ASAP too!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  3. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Great list! I haven't read any of them, I might give Cruel Beauty a go 🙂 x

  6. I haven't read any of them, they do sound very interesting though x

  7. EmmaT says: Reply

    I remember reading some retellings when at school, but now they're not something I'd ever choose.

  8. Ooohh, I love retellings. Have you read Midnight Pearl? It's a retelling of The Little Mermaid. Also Ella Enchanted is good.

  9. Ash Malinda tho sounds like even I would want to read!

  10. Great list of books, though I have to say I haven't read any of them x

  11. What a great list….I haven't read any of them.

  12. Great list, will have to check them out!

  13. I love Once Upon A Time too! You have reminded me that I have episodes I need to watch! x

  14. Sounds great! My favourite fairytale princesses are Snow White and Belle from Beauty in the Beast xx

  15. So I'm feeling really bad now as I haven't read a fairy book since I was a child and never read fiction either – hoping for some time when I retire!

  16. These sound great. I am going to have to add a few of them to my to read pile!

  17. What a fantastic list – I haven't heard of a few of these so will have to look into them more. x

  18. Sher says: Reply

    A great list you've compiled together here! I really need to start reading again x

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