Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’m Planning to Read Next

Hi fellow bookworms!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is called ‘Top Ten Books On Our Fall TBR’. However, since I’m returning to uni in a couple of weeks, I won’t be doing much reading within in the next few months (unless it’s related to my course *sigh*), and therefore Fall/Autumn will pretty much be over by the time I start reading for pleasure again. Nevertheless, I’m determined to finish Every Day, Where She Went and The Duff first. These are the ten books at the top of my TBR list:

Because I was planning to read it this summer but won’t be able to:

1. Romiette and Julio

I love retellings!

2. The Scorch Trials

Considering the film has just been released, this should’ve been my priority this summer. Oh wells. There’s no hurry to watch the film. I mean, it was a year before I watched it’s predecessor, The Maze Runner.

3. Emma

I was planning to read a Classic book this summer. Oops. Silly me for signing up for book tours (though clever me at the same time since I did read some truly amazing books, i.e. Everything, Everything).

4. Easy

Looks like a good book.

5. Sister, Missing

Because Girl, Missing was a great book.

As you can see from this list so far, summer was clearly not long enough to read all the books I was planning to read (though it was a really really long summer). I did manage to read 21 books, which is 1 less than my goal, but four were ARC copies of books  not on my list (plus Allegiant, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Fangirl ) – meaning, I’ve actually read 14 out of 22 books. Though that’s still pretty good, if I may say so myself 😛 The books I haven’t got round to reading this summer are Every Day, Where She Went, The Scorch Trials, Easy, Emma, Romiette and Julio, Girl, Missing and Before Midnight.


1. The Looking Glass House

Based on Alice in Wonderland! Whoo! Also, massive cover love!

2. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Because the film was SO GOOD!

3. Royal Wedding

Really wish I could read this, like, now, but unfortunately I have a 10,000 word dissertation to work on. Grrrr!

4. Mini Shopaholic

Same as above really.

5. Let’s Get Lost

I’d like to read more books by Sarra Manning, and I think this is one of her most popular books. I also love the cover of Let’s Get Lost.

What books are you planning to read this fall? Let me know!


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  1. Fun! I need to read Emma as well! I want to finish Hilary Duff's trilogy, as well as read some more of the Mortal Instruments books, and some Rainbow Rowell… we'll see what else! 🙂 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Hope you enjoy Sister, Missing and The Scorch Trials!
    My TTT:

  3. Ohhh lots of books to add to my kindle 🙂 I love discovering new authors x

  4. I love Sophie Kinsella but I was quite disaapointed with Mini Shopaholic. Becky just doesn't seem to grow up at all. The latest one was awful.

  5. You have some great books on this list to be tucked up with this autumn!

  6. Wow you have read lots of books this summer! These all look like fab choices

  7. I love chick lit and am pleased there is some in there! x

  8. Great list hun. I am a chic lit fan, but never get time to read these days x

  9. The Looking Glass House looks interesting; I haven't read a book in ages!

  10. Hope you enjoy your books – mini shopaholic is a great easy read. I'm reading Hilary Devay's autobiography at the moment and love it.

  11. I love reading, though I don't get much chance to these days! a few of these look really interesting I might have to add them to my to read pile!

  12. The scorch trials is going on my list to read, I loved maze runner.

  13. Mini Shopaholic is a great book, especially if you are a fan of the series x

  14. What a great list – I'm so envious, I love reading but have no time!

  15. drop me an email if you want that book i mentioned before;)

  16. Great choices – my daughter LOVED the Girl, Missing – and Sister, Missing too. Enjoy! Kaz x

  17. I like the look of Sister, Missing. Something to consider when I finish rereading Harry Potter alongside my son.

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