Top Things To Do In Prague

Top Things To Do In Prague

Hey guys!

This guide is long overdue! I was going to post it months ago, but I was caught up with work and then Covid-19 happened and I didn’t see much point in posting a travel guide! However, I’m sure a lot of you will be aching to escape the UK as soon as possible, and now is the time to plan your next holiday, so I thought I’d finally share some of the top things to do in Prague today!

After my plans to go to New York last December didn’t work out (it’s a long story!), I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to go to Prague, another city that is high up on my bucket list.

Prague is one of the best cities I’ve ever visited, and I was sad when my trip was over. I visited for 4 nights, but you could defo stay for longer – there is SO much to do and see! The city is seeped in history, so you can expect lots of castles, old-fashioned buildings and cobblestone streets. It’s nicknamed ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’ due to its colourful Baroque buildings and Gothic churches.

Aside from its history, Prague is also the perfect destination for any shopaholic or foodie out there. As you’ll find out later in this post, Prague is a haven for Christmas markets, and it’s famous for Trdelník and goulash. There are also multiple beer tours in Prague, but as my friend and I aren’t that keen on beer, we didn’t go on any.

If you’re eager to get away from the UK as soon as the worst of the pandemic is over, I’d highly recommend Prague. It’s a beautiful city, with stunning architecture, beautiful parks, and a reliable transport service, and it only takes a couple of hours to get there from the UK. Read on to find out some of the things you should do in Prague:

1. Walk across Charles Bridge

top things to do in prague

If you’re only in Prague for a day or two, one of the first things you must do is walk across Charles Bridge. This bridge is almost 700 years old and connects Old Prague Center to Mala Strana, which is where you can access Petrin Hill and Prague Castle from. The bridge has 30 Baroque-style statues and statuaries, and is full of vendors selling things like paintings and postcards.

Unfortunately, I visited Charles Bridge in the middle of the day, so it was really busy. However, I’ve heard that it’s quieter in the morning, so try to get there first thing if you can to avoid the crowds. Once you’ve walked across Charles Bridge, look out for the ‘swan spot’, which has become famous on Instagram recently and makes a great backdrop for photo shoots.

2. Explore Prague Castle

top things to do in prague

A visit to Prague isn’t complete without a trip to the iconic Prague Castle. It’s one of the city’s major sights and dates from the 9th century. While you’re at the castle, be sure to take a walk around the stunning gardens and stroll down the quaint Golden Lane, a row of pretty houses that were originally inhabited by servants, workmen and defenders of the castle.

Visitors to Prague Castle in December can check out the market in St George’s Square, where you’ll find plenty of warm drinks, unique gifts and Trdelník pastries.

top things to do in prague

3. Take a selfie by John Lennon Wall

top things to do in prague

One of the more unique things to do in Prague is to check out the John Lennon Wall. While this attraction isn’t as well-known as Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, it’s still hugely popular, especially amongst Beatles fans and street art aficionados. The wall has been around for a while, but only started to be used as a canvas for Czechs and tourists to express themselves in the late 1980s. You’ll find lyrics from Beatles’ songs and images of John Lennon on the wall.

4. Relax in Vojanovy sady

top things to do in prague

top things to do in prague

After you’ve taken some snaps of the John Lennon Wall, why not take a stroll through Vojanovy sady? This secluded park is considered the oldest partially preserved garden in Prague, dating back 1248, and offers tourists a break from sightseeing. Read a book, have a picnic, admire the nature, or see if you can spot the peacocks. Apparently the park is full of blossom in the spring, so if I ever get the chance to visit Prague again, I’ll make sure it’s then!

5. Try Trdelník

top things to do in prague

You can’t visit Prague and not try Trdelník! Also known as chimney cake, Trdelnik is a sweet cake that originated in Hungary, but it’s considered one of the foods you must eat in Prague. It’s made from rolled dough that wrapped around a stick and grilled before being topped with sugar and walnut mix. There are multiple cafes and stalls around Prague that sell Trdelník and you can choose from a variety of different toppings, such as whipped creams, chocolate, caramel, Nutella or apple. I personally enjoyed the strawberries and cream Trdelník from Good Food Bakery, which is only a few minutes away from Charles Bridge.

6. Wander around the Christmas markets

top things to do in prague

Prague certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Christmas festivities. If you’re in the city between November and January, you’ll have plenty of Christmas markets to choose from. The most famous market in Prague is located in Old Town Square. This is super popular with tourists and has a whole range of stalls to peruse.

Wenceslas Square is another Christmas market that attracts hundreds of tourists each year. There is always some form of entertainment going on, and stalls sell interesting gifts such as ornaments and hand-crafted wooden toys. Warm yourself up with mulled wine, taste Trdelnik, or sample traditional Czech sausages.

Náměstí Míru and Tylovo Náměstí Market are two hidden markets my friend and I stumbled upon purely by chance whilst exploring the area around the hotel. These markets are much smaller than the ones in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, but it’s still worth checking them out if you’ve got time to spare or aren’t too keen on large crowds. You’ll find Christmas gifts, jewellery, decorations, sweets, and even more mulled wine and Trdelník.

7. Shop ‘til you drop!

top things to do in prague
Head of Franz Kafka, located next to OC Quadrio shopping centre

Prague may not be known for shopping, but it does have some cute independent stores, as well as many familiar shops, such as H&M, Marks and Spencer and Flying Tiger. If you’ve got time to spare, or it’s a rainy day, check out A|X Praha Palladium. Located in the centre of the city, this shopping centre has over 150 shops and several restaurants (including a branch of Vapiano). It’s near Prasna brana (or ‘The Powder Tower’) and the Spanish Synagogue (which unfortunately I only found out about when I returned home to England), so you can do a bit of sightseeing in the morning before spending the afternoon shopping.

top things to do in prague
From Vapiano – I try not to eat at chains when I’m on holiday, but I hadn’t been to Vapiano for a while so I couldn’t resist the delicious pesto basilico!

 8. Eat authentic Czech cuisine

top things to do in prague

Whenever I visit a new city, I have to try the local cuisine. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat as much Czech food as I’d hoped, but I did get to taste goulash. This dish is quite similar to beef stew and consists of beef, paprika, onions and dumplings. It’s very rich and warming – and delicious, of course – perfect for the winter months. Like Trdelník, goulash actually originated in Hungary, but it’s become popular all over Eastern Europe. You should also try palačinky (like French crepes); Obložené chlebíčky (open sandwich with a variety of toppings such as egg, ham and pickles); Smažený sýr (deep-fried cheese); or Grilované klobásky (grilled sausage).

top things to do in prague

So those are the 8 things I think you should do in Prague! Have you ever been to Prague? Where are you planning to travel to next?


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  1. Prague has always been on my bucket-list. I have heard highly about its architecture and I loved seeing it in your post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Serena says: Reply

      Thanks for commenting! Prague is such a beautiful city with amazing architecture!

  2. Prague has been on my bucket list for so long now, I can’t wait to get to visit there when it’s safe to travel again! Thanks for sharing, it was a great post x

    1. Serena says: Reply

      Thanks for commenting, hope you’re able to visit Prague soon!

  3. Wow….. This post is so interesting
    All the pictures you’ve posted here increases my desire to visit Prague…..
    Thank you for sharing this post 😇

    JENISH |

  4. The chimney cake looks INSANE! I’d love to try one of those 🙂

  5. We love Prague! It’s such a beautiful city. Our favorite place is the Old Town Square.

  6. Wow, all of these pictures look incredible! This really looks like somewhere I would like to travel to eventually!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

  7. Ah I went to Prague a few years ago and loved it! Though I went with a group of uni mates and we spent most time in the bars, reading this makes me realise how much we missed! Still remember those Trdelníks though, so goooood. Becca x

  8. Robert says: Reply

    What an excellent post & photos for first time visitors to Prague. Touring throughout Europe is definitely on our “Must Travel To Next” list. We have visited a few places briefly on Cruises, but would definitely love to stay much longer and explore more cities & countries.

  9. Daisy says: Reply

    Like a lot of people, Prague is on my wishlist! I really want to see that John Lennon wall! Plus I’m a big fan of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra! They’ve done some amazing movie soundtracks!

  10. Melissa says: Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit Prague! It looks so beautiful there with so many things to do! I love seeing all of the architecture and street art! Thank you for sharing all of your recommendations! 🙂

  11. What a beautiful architecture. I never been to Prague but I have to after this post 🙂 great photos and review of this beautiful city. Thank you for sharing

  12. I love Prague, it is one of my favorite countries. I can’t believe I didn’t try the Trdelník though! Looks delicious and just another reason to go back.

    1. Serena says: Reply

      You definitely need to try trdelnik next time you visit! Thanks for commenting!

  13. I’ve never been to Prague but it’s totally on the list. Looks like such a beautiful destination to explore, and the food looks so delish!

    Anika |

  14. Kait says: Reply

    What a gorgeous and interesting place! I would love to visit Prague someday.

  15. I love a city full of history! I think I would enjoy a visit to Prague. 🙂 Someday maybe.


  16. I’ve wanted to visit Prague for the longest time! It just looks so beautiful. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  17. Rachel says: Reply

    I Prague. Beautiful city. 😀

  18. Prague is a fairy- tale, just rolling there is enough.
    I didn’t see trdelnik anywhere. Thanks for the idea
    of visiting the castle. I love the chocolate museum..

    1. Serena says: Reply

      I didn’t get a chance to visit the chocolate museum but it’s on my list for next time! Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Penny says: Reply

    I loved this little guide! Prague is definitely on my travel list! Hopefully I can visit once this is all over! xx

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