Tune Tuesday: New Songs #3

Hey guys!
I’m back from Lyme Regis! The weather was appalling most of the time, but luckily the sun decided to come out for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday – so I was able to go to the beach and have a little swim in the sea!
Today’s Tune Tuesday will be another post dedicated to some new songs I’ve been listening to. You can check out previous posts in this series here and here.
1. You Love Me? – Melissa Steel & Wretch 32
I think Melissa Steel has a good voice, but she can honestly do a lot better than this.
2. Omen – Disclosure & Sam Smith
Disclosure and Sam Smith have reunited this summer and produced a new song, Omen. It’s all right, but I do prefer Latch.
3. Lemon Eyes – Meg Myers
This is the first song I heard by Meg Myers and I liked it straightaway.
4. Drag Me Down – One Direction
Ok, I admit it: I really like this. It’s their first song after Zayn left and it sounds so much more mature than their other stuff. The chorus has been stuck in my head for days!
Have you heard any of these songs? What do you think of them?
Hasta luego!

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  1. I haven't heard most of these, but I usually go for Sam Smith, so I am sure I would like that one. My husband's friend came over last night and played the whole 1D song for us, he's just amazed that it's them. haha I hadn't heard it before, but it does sound less boy-band-y than other things I have heard of theirs. 🙂 Meg Myers is not really my cup of tea. Our radio station was I think the first to play her first single "Desire"…. it's a leeeetle creepy for me. I like the "sound" of it, but the lyrics kinda creep me out. Since then all of her other singles have been really pop-y. I admit I usually change the channel. I just posted about a band I'm loving this summer, and linked in last week's post on a song I can't stop listening to if you are interested. 🙂 XO -Alexandra

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  2. Sam Smith is great, I love his songs! I probably wouldn't have realised Drag Me Down is by 1D if I'd heard it on the radio! Meg Meyers does sound a bit strange, but I do like her songs 🙂

  3. Oh I love Lyme Regis. Hope you had a lovely time despite the weather. I am really enjoying Sam Smith at the moment, he has such a great voice. Not heard of Meg Myers before, thank you for sharing 🙂

    <3 Amy


  4. Hola! I love this idea for a post!! I haven't heard of Melissa Steel or Meg Myers before. Love Sam Smith and this song is great. Also love the 1D one. I have a 5 years old that is obsess with them so I listen to their songs 24/7!! LOL 🙂 x


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