Tune Tuesday: November Playlist

Hey guys!

How are you all? I’ve just realised that this is my first blog post since Halloween! Hope you all enjoyed Halloween (and Bonfire Night too)! I went to a house party for a bit and dressed up as Carrie (from Carrie). My outfit kinda failed and people had to ask who I was, but oh well!

Today I will be sharing my playlist for November. As with my October playlist, this month’s playlist will comprise of my favourite songs at the moment.

1. Confident – Demi Lovato

2. Perfect – One Direction

3. Hello – Adele

4. Hands Of Love – Miley Cyrus

5. Used to Love You – Gwen Stefani

6. Same Old Love – Selena Gomez

7. Sober – Selena Gomez

8. Night Like This – Hilary Duff

I’m absolutely loving Demi Lovato’s Confident. It is so catchy! I could honestly listen to it over and over again! The same goes for Hilary Duff’s Night Like This! I’m so glad she’s still making music! It’s great that Adele is back too! I’m kinda embarrassed to include One Direction but I do like their two most recent songs, Drag Me Down and Perfect. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not really a fan of Selena Gonz but Sober and Same Old Love have been stuck in my head ever since I first heard them.

What are your favourite songs at the moment? What do you think of Adele’s new song? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hasta luego!


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  1. I love Hello and Same Old Love!
    Great playlist 🙂

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Cathy says: Reply

    I like Adele's new one too. My daughter would agree with number 2 x

  3. I am currently loving (thanks to my teen son) Macklemore's DownTown, (and other songs of his) and (thanks to my teen daughter) Marina and The Diamonds! I quite like Adele's new song too. Kaz x

  4. I'm so in Mum zone I tend to hear most of the hits about a month or two after they've been released, so I've not heard all these yet! Best get listening to the radio 😉

  5. I have probably heard these songs before thanks to my daughter, who rolls her eyes at me when I repeatedly ask who sings a song lol. I think I need to listen to them to see if I know them

  6. I love "Hello" from Adele as it's so emotional. It makes you miss people you haven't even met yet, and I love any singer that can evoke that emotion from you!


  7. Ooh I haven't heard Gwen Stefanis new song yet

  8. Ooh great song choices! I'm loving Little Mix at the moment! xxx

  9. very nice song i like it very much your song.

    REX – The Juice

  10. How have I only heard of one of these?! I am seriously getting out of touch with what's popular in the UK.. At the moment I'm just playing 'Black Magic' on replay.. as much as I hate Little Mix, it is very catchy!

  11. I never get a chance to listen to music, the last time I heard a song on the radio was when my 2 year old was a couple of months old.

  12. I haven't listen to any new music for a few weeks now. Just been listening to ThrowbackThursday on spotify

  13. Adele's new song is so powerful. I've been waiting anxiously for her return to music. So glad she finally did 🙂

  14. The only one I have come across is Adele and I am probably the only person who can't stand it #oops x

  15. I know I am getting old and boring as I don't think I have heard of any of these! I need to listen to the radio more!

  16. Great songs. I can't stop listening to Adele Hello! x

  17. I like Adele's new song – great playlist here – my favourite song of the moment is the james bond one.

  18. Not keen on any of these songs haha I'm so out of touch

  19. I love Adeles new song. I'm also into Years and Years at the moment.

    Because of you, I started to Justins song!!! And I really didn't want to….so I blame you for that one. Lol!

    I do love Demi and Selenas new songs though.

  20. Some amazing tunes on your playlist! Love the idea of a monthly playlist

  21. I love the new Hilary Duff album! I posted it a few weeks ago even. 🙂 The bonus tracks might be my favorite.. but the whole things is good! I also love Selena's new stuff. 🙂 Right now I am listening to Jack and White's new album. I LOVE IT! I just posted it recently as well. And Coldplay! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  22. Thanks for commenting!

  23. Justin's new songs are quite catchy haha! I also like Years and Years

  24. Ah that's a shame but thanks for commenting!

  25. I haven't heard the James Bond song in full yet but I'll listen out for it.

  26. Same! Thanks for commenting!

  27. I don't really listen to the radio while I'm at uni, I tend to use Spotify to find new music.

  28. I'm glad too! Can't wait to hear her other new songs!

  29. I'm not a fan of Little Mix either but I do like Black Magic!

  30. I agree that it's really emotional

  31. I do like Marina and the Diamonds but not a fan of Downtown, find it quite annoying

  32. Thanks!

  33. Great choices, i love listen to music when I clean and in work!

  34. Ooh, I love Hilary Duff <3

  35. I'll admit the 1D song is pretty catchy right now. That and dare I say it 'what do you mean?' Is forever in my head much to my teenage daughters disgust

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