Tune Tuesday: September Playlist


Hey guys! 

Guess what? I’ve only gone and got Fresher’s Flu. Which makes total sense considering I’m no longer a student and I don’t live anywhere near students. I’ve been feeling absolutely awful since Saturday – although I did force myself to go out and socialise a couple of times, which probably wasn’t the best idea TBH. To cheer myself up, I’ve made another monthly playlist to share with you guys. Enjoy!


1. Broken Glass – Rachel Platten

2. Take Me – Aly & AJ

3. Walk On Water – Thirty Seconds To Maes

4. Crybaby – Paloma Faith

5. Future Me – Echosmith

6. Bad At Love – Halsey

7. Ember – Katherine McNamara

8. All Of You – Leadley 

9. …Ready For It? – Taylor Swift 

10. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore – Demi Lovato 

11. Out Loud – Gabbi Hanna 

12. Only You – Sarah Close 

13. Find You – Nick Jonas 

14. Heartline – Craig David 


I’m absolutely obsessed with ‘Out Loud’ – I’ve watched a few of Gabbie’s videos but I had no idea she was such an incredible singer. I really hope she releases more songs – she’s so talented! Aly & AJ’s new song is great too; I’m so glad they’re still releasing songs.


What do you think of these songs? Have you heard them before? 



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  1. I don’t think I have heard any of these yet! I’ve been stick in the 90’s this past month!!

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