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Hey guys!
Today I am back with another university post! If you’re heading off to uni later this month, you’ve probably already started to pack. If not, now is the time! You don’t want to end up turning up to your new home and realise that you don’t have half the stuff you need. Before I started uni, I spent some time reading checklists of things I would need to bring with me so that I wouldn’t leave any essentials behind or take anything I didn’t need. I still somehow forgot to bring stuff for the kitchen! To make your life easier, I have included a checklist of my own in this post. I hope it will be of some use to all you new freshers out there!

A Lady In London
1. ID / Passport
2. Mobile phone
3. Laptop
4. Credit / debit card
5. Uni acceptance letter
6. CV
7. USB Stick
8. Chargers
9. Extension cable
10. National Insurance Card


1. Underwear
2. Socks
3. Sports clothes
4. Swim wear
5. Raincoat
6. Slippers
7. Casual tops
8. Dressing gown
9. PJs
10. Jumpers
11. Hoodies
12. Jeans
13. Dresses
14. Skirts
15. Evening shoes
16. Party shoes (for clubbing and campus events)
17. Hats / scarves / gloves
18. Trainers
19. Winter boots
20. Fancy dress (Typical fancy dress themes include Decades, Disney, Cavemen and School Uniform. You’ll also need something for Halloween)
1. Duvet
2. Pillows (I’d recommend taking two so that you can swap them round every so often. You might need a couple extra if you’ve been lucky enough to be assigned a room with a double bed)
3. Mattress protector
4. Fitted sheets
5. Blanket (for when it gets cold)
6. Alarm clock (Let me tell you now that the alarm on your phone isn’t always reliable so it’s good to have a back-up)
7. Hangers
8. Posters and photos (to make your room feel more homely)
9. Laundry basket
10. Bin (though this should come with your room)
 1. Toiletries (including shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
2. Toothbrush
3. Soap
4. Plasters
5. Toilet paper (unfortunately, this isn’t provided)
6. Towels and flannel
7. Bath mat
8. Hairbrush / comb

Save the Student


1. Plates (preferably microwable ones and one spare for guests – you can always buy cheap plastic ones if you plan on having more people over later in the year)
2. Bowls
3. Cups
4. Mugs
5. Forks
6. Knives
7. Spoons
8. Water bottle
9. Bottle opener
10. Saucepan
11. Frying pan
12. Measuring jug
13. Sieve
14. Colander
15. Scissors
16. Can opener
17. Oven gloves
18. Vegetable peeler
19. Tea towels
20. Washing up liquid
21. Scourer sponges
22. Chopping board
You might want to bring a blender, though it would be best to keep this in your room. Also make sure that you have some food to keep you going during Fresher’s Week (e.g. pasta, noodles, cereal, milk, snacks, sauces, fruit and veg). If you’re planning on going out, bring a bottle of alcohol to share with your flatmates. Vodka and Sourz usually go down well. Just remember to get a mixer for the vodka!
1. Stationery (including pencil case, pens, pencils, highlighters, ruler and erasers)
2. Notebooks (one for each module – you can always buy spares if you run out)
3. Diary
4. Folders (for any loose sheets you get during lectures and seminars)
5. Post-it notes
6. Calculator
7. Hole punch
8. Any reading material you might need for your course.
 1. Reading books
2. Kindle / Tablet
3. Storage boxes
4. Camera
5. Printer (there are ones on campus but you might end up having to queue for ages around deadlines so it’s useful to have one of your own)
6. Recipe books
7. Bike
8. Hot water bottle
9. Fairy lights
10. Medicine
11. Jewellery
12. Make-up
13. Pack of cards
14. Musical instrument
15. Spiralizer
16. Rice cooker
(First Image from Tumblr)
So there’s my university checklist! I’m sure I haven’t included everything, but those are all the main things you need when you start uni!
Hasta luego!

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  1. Wow. That's a lot of things to prepare 😉

  2. Did you miss the microwave? Iron? Hair dryer? Lol. Nice list though

  3. Most unis tend to have a microwave, and not many students use irons so I didn't really see the point of including them. But I totally forgot to add hair dryer!

  4. I'm starting university in a week, and though I don't plan on moving out until next year, this is a super helpful list. Thank you! <3

  5. That is true. All these things you need

  6. I would definitely add a bedside lamp…my dorm only came with the terrible overhead florescent lighting, so a lamp for me was a must! I'm super impressed by your very comprehensive list!
    Piper Ellice @ piperellice.com
    Starting Out Southern Blog

  7. Yes haha, I agree

  8. Thanks for commenting! Hope you enjoy uni!

  9. Thanks for commenting:)

  10. Yeah it is useful to bring a lamp!

  11. Man this takes me back. It felt like I was buying more stuff then than when I finally got an apartment!

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